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News: Event: Merovingian Broadcast Channel


05.26.05 | 6:00 PM


Who Are These Masked Men?

To: All Merovingian Operatives

Dearest servants of the Merovingian:

Traditionally, ugly people just wear makeup, suck it up, or stay indoors. I can’t imagine how unfortunate looking one has to be to wear a mask – and to top it off, they chose some truly repulsive facial apparel. We don’t know much about them but I suspect that they are taking out their “ugly anger” on the rest of us. I should take extra caution with these lunatics around as my ravishing good looks must inspire a more virulent form of hate in their disturbed minds. However, there seems to be something beyond their aesthetic handicap motivating this horde of unfortunates.

We need more information. At this time the Merovingian does not believe them to be Exiles. Whoever they are, they are causing considerable turmoil in the Matrix and the Merovingian wants to be the first to know why. Having the most expansive and up to date information is always an asset to someone as shrewd as the Frenchman. We need you to gather a comprehensive body of information on this group and then bring it to a Merovingian collector for processing.

There are rumors of a large numbers of these masked individuals have been seen in certain parts of the city, and we simply must know more about them. Details are sketchy at this time, and that won’t do for the Merovingian, that won’t do at all.

Speaking of which, that reminds me. Poor Malphas was just called to meet with the Merovingian, and neither one seemed too happy about it. Weren’t the blood-drinker’s minions able to handle their task? Tsk, and Malphas seemed so sure of himself!

What an unfortunate state of affairs- I supposed it really sucks to be him.


Yours ever so truly,



05.23.05 | 5:00 PM


Morpheus' Days Are Numbered Says the Frenchman

To: All Merovingian Operatives

Dearest servants of the Merovingian:

I tend to find Morpheus and his little quests at least mildly amusing with the occasional moment of genuine hilarity; however, this latest bit with the bombs is just annoying. The Merovingian only tolerates Morpheus because of his insignificance. These little bombs, these impotent gestures of his delusive mind, have elevated Morpheus into consequence that exceeds his ability.

Through irritation, Morpheus is forcing the Frenchman to weigh the cost of continually disciplining Morpheus with the cost of killing him. Every bomb that detonates is tipping the scales towards a more permanent solution to our problem. Only a feebleness of mind or a death wish could have motivated him to interfere with the Merovingian’s business. Someone should tell Morpheus that Martyrdom went out with leg warmers.

Find the bombs, and stop them from detonating. If you should run into Morpheus in the process, assure him that his days are numbered.

Most sincerely yours,



05.23.05 | 12:00 AM


The Lupines Now Hunt Morpheus

To: All Merovingian Operatives

This Morpheus and his toy bombs are really getting annoying. The last thing the Merovingian wants is for the ones you call “bluepills” or “coppertops” to wake up. It would be terrible for business, for one thing. For another, if Morpheus breaks down the Matrix, we Exiles will be stuck in the archives and you’ll be stuck in a dirty cave. Nobody wants that, now do they?

To avoid that unfortunate series of events, the Merovingian wants you to defuse these code bombs. They’re easy to spot; they look like time-bombs. It doesn’t get much more obvious than that. Not to mention the fact that Morpheus has been dropping them everywhere. I’m surprised he hasn’t been arrested for littering.

Oh, and stay away from Morpheus. The lupines have been granted the right to hunt that lunatic down. I may even kill him myself. While of course I would never hurt the loyal followers of the Merovingian, my fellow lupines aren’t quite so . . . discriminating. All in all, it’s best if you just keep your distance while we work.

Oh, as one last friendly word of advice: Watch out for the machineheads. Word is that the Agents have stirred their people up in an effort to deal with those bombs, too.

Good Hunting


05.22.05 | 5:00 PM


Diffuse Morpheus' Loathsome Bombs

To: All Merovingian Operatives

To those most dear to the Merovingian:

Unoriginal, crude, persistent, and poorly groomed. These are all terms associated with Morpheus throughout his life. While none of them are fatal flaws in and of themselves, as a whole, they are a tragic mosaic of annoyance. His little bombs are creating quite the stir around here lately. Morpheus seems to be doing all that he can to agitate the loathing that all of us feel for him in our hearts.

I know your desires, the delectable thought of eviscerating the man appeals equally to me. You will be satisfied, but unfortunately, our immediate attention must be turned to diffusing these bombs. The disruption of the Merovingian’s business cannot be tolerated any longer.

The faster we take care of the bombs, the more quickly we can expect the sinful pleasure of putting an end to their architect. This kind of work is detestably tedious but lamentably necessary.

We understand, don’t we? We do.

My best,



05.22.05 | 11:00 AM


Morpheus' Dangerous and Obsessive Games

To: All Merovingian Operatives

Dearest Servants of the Merovingian:

Morpheus’ fascination with dead bodies is unsettling. Really, the stench of his dirty laundry is upsetting my stomach. At this rate, I am more inclined to think that Morpheus will be getting a bullet before he gets a body. I hope that someone has the decency to deliver on one of the options soon because it appears that that’s the only thing that will put an end to Morpheus’ flurry of oratory abuses. It’s all fun and games until someone’s aesthetic sense is hurt.

Perhaps Morpheus is unfamiliar with the rate in which human bodies decay, there isn’t going to be much left to give back after this long. Why does he want the body so badly in the first place? The meat will have rotted off by now. It’s too late for a taxidermist. He can’t reanimate it. I doubt even Morpheus would want to cuddle it. Perhaps he thinks that Neo is still alive. If Neo is still alive, the Machines should kill him and give Morpheus what he wants.

Most Sincerely,



Posted by Live Events Team

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