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There are four major districts in the Matrix Megacity. Each district has its own unique atmosphere, and inhabitants. Careful redpills should eventually be able to explore each district of the city and find out what mysteries lie in wait, and which groups can serve their interests best.

The Slums (Richland)
Though official maps label this area as Richland, most people refer to it as the Slums. Set against the south shore of the river which bisects the City, the Slums are rife with criminal activity, urban decay, and random violence. Though the area is among the poorest and least desirable to the populace of the City, it is a desirable holding for those who understand the nature of the Matrix. Indeed, many powerful Exiles compete for control of its resources. The Slums is comprised of fifteen neighborhoods.

The Barrens (Westview)
The area to the west of the Slums is officially called Westview, but more often referred to as the Barrens of the City. While the Slums are a dirty, dilapidated place where hope seems a rare commodity, these traits take on a nearly admirable quality when contrasted with the Barrens. The condition of the Barrens is reflective of a slow decay in the code comprising the area. The Machines have been placing some effort into repairing it, but the degradation serves the interests of several powerful Exiles.

International District
The City's International District is a conglomeration of Asian cultures. Signs in many languages tout the merits of small shops and entreat visitors to explore the neighborhood's narrow streets and beautiful plazas. Even the newer modern buildings incorporate traditionally Asian design. The International District is some distance to the northeast of Downtown, but can be reached by taking the subway. The District also has a number of hardlines for direct access by redpill operatives.

The influence of the Machines over the Matrix emanates from Downtown, flowing through the freeways, electrical networks, and even sewers. Bluepills who choose to spend a great deal of time Downtown are mostly bureaucrats, accountants, lawyers, and those who derive their livelihoods from the smooth functioning of the system. Exiles who dwell Downtown are sometimes more powerful than Agents, wielding tremendous control over the system they have made their home.

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