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Welcome to The Matrix Online Guides and Tutorials page! In this section we will introduce most of the fundamental game systems that new and veteran players should know. We will also publish guides about advanced gameplay, which should speed you on your way to mastering particular areas of The Matrix Online. We hope you enjoy these articles.

Guides & Tutorials: Quick Links

Guides & Tutorials: Gameplay Basics

The Matrix Online "MMO" Glossary
What on earth is an Exile Hideout? Awakened Redpill? Learn what all The Matrix jargon really translates into, especially if your come from a MMO gaming background.

Emotes in The Matrix Online
There are dozens of cool animation emotes inside of The Matrix Online! Check out this page, and test them all out in the game.

Gameplay Basics of The Matrix Online
This article summarizes most of the major game play concepts for The Matrix Online. This feature is designed to offer quick and useful insights to new players entering the game for the first time.

Introduction to Combat
This article covers all the introductory bases of The Matrix Online combat system. One of the great things about The Matrix Online if the 'Wire-Fu' combat that is possible while playing the game. This article will help steer your adjustment to this system while jacked in.

Introduction to Abilities and Disciplines
Want to be a Duel Gun Wielding Assassin today and a Kung-Fu Grandmaster tonight? Then read this introduction to the extremely flexible disciplines system in The Matrix Online.

Introduction to Crafting, Part I
Crafting in The Matrix Online is, in game context, the process of adding new code to the existing code of the Matrix. If it can be used, shot, worn, consumed, or equipped, then it can probably be made by a crafter using the right set of abilities.

Introduction to Crafting, Part II
Part Two of The Matrix Online crafting guide. This feature focuses on repairing damaged items, creating new items and equipment, and finally decrypting encrypted codes.


Guides & Tutorials: Advanced Tactics

The Art of the Duel (PvP)
Yes there is Player vs. Player combat inside of The Matrix Online! You can either Duel an opponent, or visit the Archive. Check out some great hints and tips on being a successful dueler in The Matrix Online.

Guides & Tutorials: Tools and Utilities

How to Create Your Matrix Movie Masterpiece
In order to expand the field of knowledge about player generated videos and movie shorts inside of The Matrix Online community, Sevker has put together his wealth of expertise on video production to spur budding young redpill filmakes inside of the game.

The Matrix Online Radio Guide (Matrix Online Vault)
The Matrix Online has taken some unique steps in providing direct methods for accessing the "real" world while playing within The Matrix. In addition to being able to chat directly with AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) users who aren't even jacked-in, the MxO client has a built-in Radio Player to allow easy access to your music library or online streaming radio broadcasts.

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