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Welcome to the Developer Journal section! In this section you will find both new and archived updates from The Matrix Online development team. These updates will cover the game's ongoing development from beta testing through launch and beyond.

We will list journals, interviews, chat logs, and major development addresses in this section.

Dev Journals: April 2005

Inside the Martial Arts of The Matrix Online, Part 2 - 04/04/05
This is the continuation of the two part behind the scenes feature which includes Q&As from ZeroGravity's Kerry Wong, and Lead Animator Daryl Affleck.

Inside the Martial Arts of The Matrix Online, Part 1 - 04/01/05
A behind the scenes look at how the martial arts from the films was created and implemented inside of the game. Includes a Q&A with Game Designer Adam Bormann and fiction writer Paul Chadwick.

Dev Journals: March 2005

Current Game Issues, William Westwater - 03/22/05
Director of Development for Monolith Productions, William Westwater, discusses several launch issues with the game that the development team is currently addressing.

Dev Journals: February 2005

World Building for The Matrix Online - 02/19/05
Lead World Designer Nathan Hendrickson discusses the steps the team used to recreate the films inside of the game world.

Animating The Matrix Online - 02/18/05
3D Artist and Animator, Darryl Affleck discusses the trials and tribulations of recreating the fast paced action of The Matrix movies to The Matrix Online.

The Matrix Online - Shades of Green - 02/18/05
The Matrix Online Art Team sits down with GameSpy to discuss the direction and visual impact of The Matrix Online world.

Tech Team Interview at GameSpy- 02/17/05
Interview with Rick Lambright, Mark Seminatore, and Andy Kaplan, about the servers, A.I. systems, and tools technologies of The Matrix Online.

Toby Ragaini Interview at GameSpy- 02/15/05
Behind the scenes look at the Design and Implementation of The Matrix films into an MMO game.

Samantha Ryan Interview at Killer Betties - 02/15/05
President and CEO of Monolith Productions, Samantha Ryan discusses her experiences in the computer gaming industry.

Jason Hall Interview at GameSpy - 02/14/05
Senior Vice President of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Jason Hall discusses the upcoming game, and the official magazine of The Matriux Online.

GameSpot Discusses Combat with Monolith Design Team - 02/14/05
Toby Ragaini, Adam Boremann, and Bruce Harlick discuss the ins and outs of Combat in The Matrix Online.

Ellen Beeman Interview at Killer Betties - 02/01/05
The Matrix Online Producer Discusses her fifteen years in the gaming industry.


Dev Journals: January 2005

MxO Vault Lore Interview, Part Two - 01/24/05
Toby Ragaini answers Lore related questions for The Matrix Online Vault.

HomeLAN Fed Interview with Paul Chadwick - 01/25/04
The Matrix Online writer Paul Chadwick discusses the intracacies of the game's storyline.

WBIE Discusses the Matrix Online Magazine with IGN PC - 01/12/05
Senior Vice President of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Jason Hall reveals secrets about the upcoming official Matrix Online magazine due out in February.

MxO Vault Lore Interview, Part One - 01/04/05
Toby Ragaini answers Lore related questions for The Matrix Online Vault.


Dev Journals: 2004 Archives

Joe Ybarra Talks Beta Testing with IGN PC - 12/22/04
Senior Producer from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment discusses the progress of The Matrix Online inside of the beta test, including a few insights into the upcoming launch this spring.

Toby Ragaini Talks about PvP with IGN PC - 12/20/04
Lead Designer Auberon discusses the three forms of Player vs. Player combat inside of The Matrix Online with Steve Butts of IGN.

A Look Down the Rabbit Hole with Toby Ragaini - 12/15/04
The Gamers Temple talks about the history of The Matrix Online with Online Creative Director and Lead Designer Toby "Auberon" Ragaini.

MxO Vault Interview with Dan "Walrus" Myers - 08/25/2004
MxO's Online Community Lead tells us a bit about what is in store for The Matrix Online community relations.

MxO Vault Interview with Jason Hall - 08/21/04
Jason Hall answers questions surrounding the acquisition of Monolith Productions by WBIE and about the The Matrix Online.

MxO Vault Q&A with Toby Ragaini - 08/11/04
Toby Ragaini answers questions on close combat, missions, site seeing, and more.

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