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The Matrix is an illusion. It appears to be America at the turn of the 21st century; a vast megacity and an adjacent mountain range. In truth it is a virtual, digital world that humans experience through feeds running directly to their nervous systems. These humans experience an artificial life in the Matrix, unaware of their real state.

Storyline: Quick Links

Storyline: A Brief History of The Matrix

The Matrix is an illusion. It appears to be America at the turn of the 21st century; a vast megacity and an adjacent mountain range. In truth it is a virtual, digital world that humans experience through feeds running directly to their nervous systems. These humans experience an artificial life in the Matrix, unaware of their real state.

In reality, the actual date is unknown, but it is believed to be a couple of centuries later. The proprietors of the Matrix are machines that have won a war with humankind. In the war the sky was “scorched,” denying them their source of energy, solar power. Instead, they now use sleeping humans, enclosed in liquid-filled pods on vast batteries, to generate heat that becomes electricity.

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Storyline: The Organizations

There are three major organizations vying for power inside of The Matrix: Zion, The Machines, and The Merovingian. Each organization has specific agendas and goals for the future of The Matrix. As a newly awakened redpill, you will be contacted to serve one, or all, of these organizations.

Here is a brief description of each organization.


Zion is the last city of free humanity, located deep within the earth. In the Matrix, the Zion Organization stands for humanity’s right to determine its own destiny. Zion believes that a human being’s freedom to select his or her own destiny is sacred, and that each individual must be free to choose whether to live out their life in the comforting illusion of the Matrix, or in the harsh truth of the real world.

Redpills in the service of Zion are expected to risk everything for its ideals, and to be happy with a fair share of whatever prosperity may fall Zion’s way.


The Machines

The Machines are a race of self-replicating, sentient mechanical entities. They imprisoned humanity within the pods, and they power themselves with the bio-electric energies generated by a healthy human mind. They don’t want to destroy humanity – quite the contrary, they are utterly dependent on humanity for their continued existence. The only thing about humanity that matters to the machines is that energy continues to flow out of the pods. They do not care if the humans are slaves or free – up until the point where human freedom starts to interfere with the energy fluxes.
The Machines will make deals with human Redpills when it suits their purpose to do so. They are quite scrupulous about delivering whatever rewards they may have promised to the human operatives, but emotions like gratitude, generosity and mercy are completely alien to the machine mind.

Although they are no longer engaged in active hostilities against Awakened humans, the Machines continue to guard themselves in the real world with the hunter-seeker units called Sentinels, while the cold and implacable AI constructs called Agents continue to oversee their interests in the Matrix.


The Merovingian

When they built the Matrix, the Machines found it necessary to create autonomous AI (Artificial Intelligence) constructs that would look and act like human beings. Inevitably, some of the AIs acquired free will, and then some of these free AIs began to comprehend the true nature of the Matrix. These AIs, in turn, started to establish communication with other Machine AIs outside the Matrix proper, and the Matrix came to be known as a safe haven for these sentient programs who wished to flee the control of the Machine world. In The Matrix an AI could feel, live and breathe as never before. A new life could be granted to those that wished to flee from the control of the machine world or avoid deletion. The Matrix came to be known as a safe haven for these sentient programs. These “Awakened” pseudo-humans call themselves “Exiles.”

The Exiles are, above all, concerned with the continuance of the Matrix. They have no place – no possibility of existence even – in the real world. They depend on both humanity and the Machines for their continued existence, but their agenda is uniquely and utterly their own. Most alarmingly, the Exiles tend to be capricious and unpredictable. Many are mischievous, malicious or even outright insane, but they are also intelligent (sometimes inhumanly so), creative and very powerful within the Matrix. This combination means that Exiles are never easy, nor particularly safe, for humans to deal with.

The Merovingian (a name taken from an ancient line of kings in human history) is the most active and powerful of the Exiles. If he is not exactly the sole leader of the Exile community, he is certainly the first among equals, and he is by far the most active Exile player in Matrix politics. He has spies and operatives everywhere in the Matrix. He will cheerfully employ human Redpills whenever it suits him to do so, and he is quite generous in rewarding those who serve his interests.


Storyline: The Organization Controllers

Controllers assign redpills various missions for specific organizations. The Machines, Zion, and The Merovingian each have a specific and trusted controller who operates their specific agendas within The Matrix. The more successful a redpill performs with his or her missions, the higher their reputation with an organization. This allows the Controllers to increasingly rely on specific individuals for extremely important assignments.

Tyndall considers herself to be a representative of Zion, but in spite of her effort to paint herself as a servant of the cause, she has become a leader through her devotion and dedication. She often takes personal responsibility for the mishaps of Zion, feeling that somehow, the fault is her own; she is quick to apologize when things have gone awry. Tyndall sometimes speaks to her operatives in the Matrix as if she is with them, likely because she desires nothing more than to return to the Matrix to work for Zion's victory firsthand.

Agent Gray was selected to act as recruiter and Controller for human beings that the Machines believe can assist them in controlling the Matrix. Like all Agents he is normally dispassionate and aloof, with a precise manner of speaking, but his forced dealings with humans have left him with somewhat more understanding of them than most Agents.

Flood is a vain man, who deeply resents his position as second fiddle and lackey to the Merovingian. Regardless, he plays up his position as one of the most powerful in the Matrix and a role to be coveted. He's always clad in ultra-stylish clothing, his hair bleached and styled perfectly. In dealing with humans, Flood is sarcastic and sometimes even sadistic, lacing his instructions with qualifiers that suggest his operatives are incompetent. In conversation he hints that he's only biding his time in this subservient position until his true plans come to fruition.


Storyline: The Matrix Underworld

Though redpills often take center stage in the saga of the Matrix, there are many behind-the-scenes characters who play key roles in shaping the Mega City's socio-political environment. These entities are extremely powerful Exiles who have entered the system in order to escape deletion, or to amass personal power.

Located primarily in Richland, this group of Exiles used to be facets of one larger program before they escaped into the Matrix. The code comprising them was sundered in their escape from the Machine Source. Each is fractured along a different line, focused in a different way — some would call them eccentric, but others prefer the term "broken." In their new lives they find themselves drawn to one another: to compete, cooperate, and monitor each other's activities with obsessive dedication. You might think of them as a group of close friends who grew up together, defining themselves by their relationships with each other.

The primary group of Exiles in the Barrens is a dysfunctional family created by two Exile Programs that have come to be known as Mr. Black and Dame White. While the two parents are Exiles from the Machine City, the siblings are all native-born to the Matrix, and take to its power games like ducks to water. Mr. Black and Dame White covet each other's power, but never admit it – instead they work against each other covertly through their children. The siblings compete for the attention and favor of both parents, as well as covertly operating for their parents against each other. Grudges and alliances spring up and are put aside with regularity.



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