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The Matrix Online Newsletter contains great behind the scenes information from development and Warner Bros. teams! Each monthly newsletter containes the latest game information, exclusive interviews, and even special contests or promotions. In this section of the site, you may signup to receive the monthly newsletter, or review previous editions in our Newsletter archive section.

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Newsletter: Most Recent

Official Newsletter - 04/27/05
Nightfall, the next Chapter of The Matrix Online.

Official Newsletter - 04/14/05
Live Events Team Schedule Released!

Official Newsletter - 04/08/05
The Race to find The One. LED Agents on the Rise.

Official Newsletter - 03/22/05
The Fragile Peace of The Matrix is unraveling!, The Launch of The Matrix Online!

Official Newsletter - 03/18/05
The Matrix Online Launch information, End of Beta Event coverage.

Official Newsletter - 03/09/05
Theatrical Trailer released, cast of characters feature, and pre-order information.

Official Newsletter - 03/02/05
How The Matrix Online Story will unfold in the game.

Official Newsletter - 03/01/05
Stress Test 2, Story Trailers, a Brief History of The Matrix.

Official Newsletter - 02/14/05
Release Date Announced, Beta Test NDA Removed, Nine New Trailers Announced.

Official Newsletter - 02/08/05
Stress Test Beta News, Game Time Cards, Data Node One Launch, Gameplay information, and featured beta test players.

Newsletters: 2004 Archives

Official Newsletter - 11/24/04
Pre-order Beta testing begins, Biography of Paul Chadwick, The Matrix Online MMO-Glossary, Recent News Coverage.

Official Newsletter - 11/09/04
Player vs. Player Dueling, Team vs. Team Dueling, The Archive: PvP Constructs

Official Newsletter - 11/05/04
Matrix Actors Lend Voices to The Matrix Online, The State of the Beta, Player Dueling Revealed, The Latest Press Coverage.

Official Newsletter - 10/15/04
The State of the Matrix: Neo is Dead. The State of the Beta, Toby Ragaini Interview, The Matrix Online Preorder Released.

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