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Welcome to The Matrix Online Press Coverage page! In this section we will list all official press releases, reviews, previews, and hands-on press coverage concerning The Matrix Online before and after the launch of the game. We hope you enjoy these articles.

Press Coverage: April 2005

Sci-Fi.com reviews The Matrix Online - 04/26/05
Eric T. Baker discusses the many elements of the Matrix Online that make it stand apart from its contemporaries.

Console Gold gives The Matrix Online an 86% - April 2005
"MxO has a rich amount of source material to use within the game, and Monolith has put that source material to good use.... the Matrix is faithfully recreated beyond the movies."

N.Y. Times article features The Matrix Online - 04/25/05
The Matrix Online is featured in The New York Times' humorously titled article "The Matrix: Ever-Loaded: Online Game for the Committed". Requires free registration on N.Y. Times site to read.

KillerBetties "High Hopes Not Disappointed" - 04/20/05
"If you liked the movies even a little bit and always wondered what it would be like to live in the Matrix yourself, you should check this game out."

GameHelper PC/Mac Review of The Matrix Online - 04/19/05
"Matrix Online will suck you into immense hours of combat, exploration and interaction with other redpills, taking you to the edge of your seat with intense storylines and heavy combat that will cause your body in the real world to twitch and sweat."

Game Chronicles Magazine "Overview" - 04/16/05
"The developers have given something to this game that no other game I have ever played has realized. The Matrix Online is perhaps one of the most immersive, constantly evolving, truly interactive, living, breathing games that has ever been created."

IGN PC Publishes Interview with Wachowskis - 04/11/05
Quote from the Wachowskis: "Right now, the idea of MMOs, a multitude of gamers jacked into the same "computer generated dream world," is more interesting than the games themselves. We are hoping that The Matrix Online changes that."

Monkeycube.com: "The Matrix Has Replaced My Life" - 04/11/05
"I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and say, with pride, that I have overcome my tragic addiction to reality. I have finally found a deterrent, a patch, if you will, to help me resist those last few occasional urges to experience the world around me. This aid is called The Matrix Online."

Press Coverage: March 2005

Baltimore Sun: Play in the Matrix Online
"Once you enter the Matrix, players can fully customize their characters, selecting gender, hairstyle, body shape, tattoos and clothing."

GameSpot Final Hands-On Impressions (Retail) - 03/30/05
"On first impression, The Matrix Online certainly seems different in a lot of ways from some of the other such games currently available..."

Forbes: The Matrix Online, a New Virtual Reality - 03/29/05
"In the game, Morpheus finds himself without the great quest of his life. He wonders why the machines won't return Neo's body," Chadwick said. "A lot of people have different ideas. Maybe he's still alive? Rumors are a big part of our story."

IGN PC Early Impressions - 03/29/05
"The character models seem a bit luminous and stand out a bit from the darker world around them. The visual style of the characters is also very strong."

RPG Vault Details on Combination Disciplines - 03/23/05
"Of course, such individuals would have to be out of the ordinary. As to how to stand out, the game's exceptionally flexible skill system allows for tremendous latitude."

RPG Vault Pre-Launch Event Report - 03/21/05
"Within the population at large however, there's still exceptional name recognition. If the game is able to entice significant numbers of people to try their first online world, and if the Monolith team's story-oriented play experience is one they find rewarding."

Gamer God Review of The Matrix Online - 03/19/05
"The game looks just like the Matrix movies and feels that way too!"

Computer Games Magazine Interview with MxO Design Team - 03/10/05
"The interlock combat system in MxO was actually inspired by The Matrix trilogy. We wanted to capture the intense feeling of kinetic action that the movies depicted so well. This led to a tightly-animated, visual combat system and a departure from the classic MMORPG combat paradigm."

Boomtown Preview of The Matrix Online - 03/10/05
"The action will be immense as there are so many skills which a player can acquire. Half of your team may be Kungfu Masters, the other half could be a mixture of Karate, Gunslinger and even Team Patches to heal others. I have high expectations..."

Sci-Fi Channel Interview with Paul Chadwick - 03/10/05
"I received a phone call from the Matrix Web site editor in July 2003," Chadwick said in an interview. "I was told that the Wachowski brothers [creators of The Matrix] wanted me to write something special on a project. They just didn't know what it was just yet. I was pretty sure it wasn't a Matrix movie."

GameSpot Cast of Characters Feature - 03/08/05
"...we're pleased to present this preview of the characters of The Matrix Online."


Press Coverage: January 2005

Entertainment Gaming Live Preview of The Matrix Online - 01/24/05
"The Matrix Online looks to erase the bad name that has been given to Matrix video games by "Enter The Matrix" from 03'. With a new design team and publisher, this game could put the Matrix back on the map in terms of video games".

Gamespy Adds The Matrix Online to Most Wanted List for 2005 - 01/18/05
Gamespy chooses the most anticipated gaming titles for 2005!

Jason Hall Discusses the Matrix Online Magazine with IGN PC - 01/12/04
Senior Vice President of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment reveals secrets about the upcoming official Matrix Online magazine due out in February.

Variety Takes a Look at The Matrix Online - 01/10/05
"The Matrix" has a new lease on life. Warners, which last year became the first studio with its own inhouse vidgame division, will this year become the first film studio to fund, develop and publish its own vidgame -- The Matrix Online."

Games Domain Previews The Matrix Online - 01/07/05
"Plenty of movie flavor is also present in the combat: It bears more resemblance to a beat-em-up than the typical MMORPG fare of canned animations and attacks. It's a very dynamic business"

Press Coverage: 2004

RPG Vault's The Matrix Online First View - 12/15/04
"What can you expect to see when you jack into Monolith's massively multiplayer extension of the cinematic saga?"

The Matrix Online Makes the Cover of Computer Gaming World! - 12/15/04
"The talent behind this game — is tremendous." Jeff Green, Editor-In-Chief.

The Matrix Online Reveals Pricing Structure - 12/05/04
Official Press Release.

Key Talent Jack into The Matrix Online - 11/05/04
Official Press Release: "Laurence Fishburne, Monica Bellucci and Mary Alice join cast."

Gamespy Interview with William Westwater - 08/30/04
Monolith's online director updates Gamespy about the development and progress of the game.

The Matrix Online Preview at IGN PC - 07/26/04
"We slink into some sexy outfits and slide into the virtual reality of Monolith and Warner Bros. upcoming MMO."

Gamespy's Official Tour of The Matrix Online Mega City - 06/21/04
An exclusive guided tour of The City that gamers will explore in The Matrix Online.

E3 2004: IGN PC Looks at The Matrix Online - 05/14/04
"We suck down a red pill and drop into Warner Brothers' booth for a quick viewing of their upcoming MMO."


Press Coverage: 2003

E3 2003: IGN PC Sneak Peak at The Matrix Online - 05/13/04
"What was announced one year ago is now Ubi Soft's. Will you stay in Wonderland?"

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