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Crew is a group of two to twelve characters who group together to pool their resources and share the facilities of a Hovercraft. The leader of a Crew is called a Captain. A Crew is a persistent group that lasts until the Crew is disbanded. A Crew is affiliated with an Organization. Captains of Crews are the only individuals who can create and join Factions.

Forming a Crew

In order to form a Crew, a character must have a sufficiently high reputation score with the Organization that Crew is to be affiliated with. Once a character has achieved this Reputation level, he can begin recruiting. Two characters are required for a new Crew to be formed. To form a Crew, a character must successfully recruit another individual using the Crew UI. If the recruited individual accepts, a Crew is formed and the character who initiated the recruitment is designated as the Crew Captain. A Character can never be in more than one Crew at a time.

Naming the Crew

Upon successful formation of a new Crew, the Captain will be prompted on the Crew Management panel to name the Crew. A default name is presented in the form of "Character Name's Crew". Crew names must be unique, and must pass through the Obscenity Filter. Once a Crew name has been chosen, it cannot be changed.

Organization Affiliation

Crews receive equipment allocation based on their collective Reputation with an Organization. A Crews Reputation is the sum of all the members Reputations. The Crew's Reputation does not need to be updated more than once per day.

Recruiting Crew Members

Other characters can be added to the Crew by selecting them and clicking the "Invite" button on the Crew interface panel. If a target character is already a member of another Crew, the Invite button is not available. Any Crewmember can invite other characters to join the Crew, until the maximum number of characters is met (twelve Crew members).

Characters must be in the same general area in order to send and receive Crew invitations. Characters in Interlock cannot receive Crew invitations. In this situation, the player sending the invitation receives an error message, stating that this character is unavailable.

Captain and the First Mate

The founder of the Crew is automatically designated as the Captain. The Crew Captain has special authority over certain Crew resources and organization. One of these authorities is the ability to designate a First Mate. A First Mate is a member of the Captain's Crew that shares some of the abilities with the Captain. These are described further below.

  • There can only be one First Mate. If that character leaves the Crew, the First Mate designator can be assigned to another Crewmate by the Captain. The Captain can also remove and re-assign the First Mate title at will.
  • There can only be one Captain. If the Captain leaves the Crew, the leadership will transfer to the First Mate or the most senior member of the Crew (who has been in the Crew the longest).

Crew Management

The Captain is the only character that can kick other characters out of the Crew. A Captain can also disband a Crew completely. All of this functionality is in the Crew Management panel.

Crew Communication

Upon creation of a Crew, a Crew Chat Channel is automatically created. This Chat Channel is updated as Crewmates leave, and new Crewmates are recruited.

Disbanding a Crew

The Captain's Crew Management interface includes an option for "Disbanding the Crew". If they choose to do so, the Crew is disbanded and the Crew is gone forever. Any and all resources of the Crew are lost. Players could start a new Crew with the same name, but for all purposes of the game, it would be a completely different Crew. At any time, a player can quit the Crew from the Crew interface. To rejoin, they need to have a Crewmember invite them to join again.

Shared Crew Resources

Every Crewmember has access to the Crew Info Bank. This can be accessed in the Loading Area.

Crew Information Bank

The Crew Information Bank is a pool of Information that Crew Members may contribute to. Members of the Crew are not required to add Information to the Bank, but may be encouraged to do so. Only the Captain or First Mate will have the ability to remove Information from the Crew Info Bank. They can distribute the Information from the Bank as they see fit and no attempt to regulate this activity will be made.

Player Factions

The Matrix Online also allows crews to band together into factions. Factions give players the ability to be a part of a larger player organization without forcing them to give up the benefits of being a part of a small tight-knit group of players.

Any crew captain which is not already a member of a faction can create a faction as long as he has another crew captain who is willing to be a member of their faction. Once created, the founding captain becomes the de facto leader of the faction and must declare allegiance to a single organization

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