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Screenshot Gallery: ###047

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"I can't believe the news today..."

Nothing ever happens in the kitchen.

Interviewing bluepills.

A book covered with flies....

Murder at the Heart o' the City Hotel.

Dead on the scene.

A file folder covered with flies....

Searching for clues... or covering them up?

Working with Georgia Hargreaves.

Mario Lochead makes an important discovery.

Smiling for the camera.

Reviewing footage of the Assassin.

Cautiously searching for clues.

Taking out Duncan's guards.

Interrogating Duncan.



Hearing the voice of Morpheus.

Escorting Firewall through the streets of Westview.

Arriving at the safe house.

Debriefing Firewall.

Discovering Feldman's corpse.

An interrogation cut short.

Again, I must ask: why are safe houses never safe?

Infiltrating the underground trading network.

Defending the traders from the Cypherites.

Retrieving Boonga's data.

Decrypting Morpheus' past.

A startling rumor....

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