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Not a good thing to see when you walk through the door.

I feel like a velociraptor when I use this technique.

Even two against one is too tough...

...unless your friend is an actual human and knows Aikido. Then it's all good.

Making our escape to the hardline.

Death is imminent, you say? Maybe for him....

Betrayed again!... Or maybe we're meant to think so....

This can't be right. Agents aren't this easy to beat.

They're still just as ruthless, though....

Be careful, Morpheus....

Death is pretty much always imminent when agents are involved.

They are guarding all the doors, they are holding all the keys.

Initiate new hostilites? Sounds like this "General" is the one who wants the truce to fail.

I'll show YOU imminent death!!

Taking a well-deserved rest.

Finally, something that actually went right.

More fascinating graffiti....

Another hard day's work complete.

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