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Screenshot Gallery: ###015

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How quickly people change!

Sunrise in Dannah Heights.

The search begins.

There must be something important on this computer...

...otherwise, these exiles wouldn't be trying to kill us.

A new mission for an old relic.

Infiltrating the Kedemoth bank to cause a little diversion.

Keeping in touch. Can you hear me now?

Oh look, one exile.

You'd think something this important would be more heavily guarded.

And of course, they left the safe unlocked.

Everything just went to hell...

Only one left standing.

On my way to visit Niobe and Ghost.

Ghost got a haircut, apparently.

More words of wisdom from Ghost.

As I head for the exit, I wonder... didn't Sheratan have the same emergency jack-out technology that I do? Did I really kill him?...

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