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The Oneironauts: General Information

The Oneironauts faction is devoted to serving the goals of Morpheus above all else. Currently, The Oneironauts are aligned with the E Pluribus Neo subgroup to support the work of Michael Popper and Shimada in their efforts to retrieve the body of The One and carry on his work. Orders and missions from Zion are accepted unless they go against any directives from Morpheus or if they are deemed to be against his wishes. Service for the Machines, the Merovingian, or the Cypherites is not allowed unless approved by a faction captain.

Since the end of the Truce between Zion and the Machines, hostilities against the Machines are authorized, though is not mandatory. Hostilities toward Exiles aligned with The Merovingian or toward his human operatives are allowed. Hostilities against any operatives aligned with the Cypherite movement are also very much allowed and are genereally K.O.S. unless initiating hostility against an operative of the Cypherites would result in unnecessary injury or death. Any member of the Oneironauts found to have loyalties to the Cypherites or who wears any sort of bandana may be banned from the faction immediately at the discretion of the Faction Leader.

The Oneironauts currently transmit exclusively within the Syntax instance of the Mega City. Any operatives wishing to join must also be transmitting within the Syntax instance. Any bluepills wishing to join The Oneironauts once they are freed should make sure that they select Syntax on the server selection screen when initializing their RSI. If any operatives aligned with one of the other instances wishes to join while remaining on their home instance, inform the Faction Leader to make arrangements for an alternate chapter of The Oneironauts. Also, there are captains in The Oneironauts currently broadcasting in both PST and in CET (GMT-8 and GMT+1 respectively).

Also, crewmembers applying for any positions should be mature, respectful, and dedicated to the cause of Zion and E Pluribus Neo, though no time commitment is required. Operatives can spend as little or as much time in the Matrix as they wish. Operatives who do not continue to serve within the Matrix may, however, be removed from a crew if a new applicant is waiting to join.

Specific behavioral issues will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Captains or Faction Leader. Also, using RP standards is not necessarily required but is highly encouraged. Potential applicants who consider operating within the Matrix to be "just a computer game" may wish to reconsider.

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