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- Variables in Messages -

This feature allows you to include variables in chat messages, including things like the names of targeted players and such. Simply include one of these in the body of your message and when it is posted to the chat window, the variable will be replaced by its contents.

%T Target's name
%TL  Target's level
%H User's handle
%L User's level
%F User's first name
%N User's last name
%D User's discipline
%HT User's max health
%HC User's current health
%HP User's health percentage
%IT User's max inner strength
%IC User's current inner strength
%IP User's inner strength percentage
%S Current simulacra's name
%NH Current neighborhood
%MN Current mission name
%MO Current mission organization
%MS Current mission sponsor
%TS Target [subjective]
%TO Target [objective]
%TP Target [possessive]
%SS Simulacra [subjective]
%SO Simulacra [objective]
%SP Simulacra [possessive]
%G1 First group member's name
%G2 Second group member's name
%G3 Third group member's name
%G4 Fourth group member's name
%G5 Fifth group member's name
%G6 Sixth group member's name
%G7 Seventh group member's name
%G8 Eighth group member's name

- Colors in Messages -

Use the following tags to change the color of text in the chat box:


Replace the letters with hexidecimal values ranging between 00 and FF for all three color values. For example:


Black can be written as 000000. Experiment as needed with other values. Hexidecimal numbers are measured using the numbers 1-9 as in decimal format and then the letters A-F to represent numbers 10-16. The number 17 is then written as 10, and the number 255 is written as FF.

WARNING! Using this tag to alter the color of your text as a means to impersonate a CSR, GM, or LET character is against the Guidelines for Player Conduct. Use it sparingly and only when necessary.

- Text Formatting -

Text can be italicized by enclosing it in the following tags:


The tags will not appear in the chat box, even while typing them. The italicization will be applied once the final tag is entered.

To use bold formating, us the {b} and {/b} tags.

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