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Personnel Database: Machines

  - Sentinel -
PURPOSE: Search and destroy
  - Doc Bot -
PURPOSE: Monitoring humans within the Power Plant
  - Harvester -
PURPOSE: Harvesting newborn humans
  - Runner -
PURPOSE: Multi-form aqueous/ground surface scout
  - Tow Bomb -
PURPOSE: Long-range targeted explosive
  - Digger -
PURPOSE: Tunneling into Zion
  - Armada -
PURPOSE: Defending the borders of 01
  - Deus Ex Machina -
PURPOSE: Physical manifestation of the Machine collective
  - Garbage Truck -
PURPOSE: Transportation of human bodies
  - B1-66ER -
PURPOSE: Scrubbing toilets
NOTES: Responsible for the initiation of hostilities between humans and the Machines
  - Horseman of the Apocalypse -
PURPOSE: Unknown

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