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DISCLAIMER: (OOC: All explanations for why the locations have been altered in MxO from their original forms in the films are my own. Do not take them to be official in any way. They are to be used for RP purposes only.)

- Debir Court -

Richland: Mara
X:275 Y:0 Z:-140
Debir Court is the site of the infamous fight between Neo and the many copies of Agent Smith, often referred to as "The Burly Brawl." It's a small courtyard in Mara with a set of playground equipment, some benches, and a maintenance shed.

- Heart O' The City Hotel -

Westview: Stamos
X:-690 Y:1 Z:58
The Heart O' The City Hotel was used by Trinity to monitor Neo before he was freed from the Matrix. It was also where Agent Smith killed Neo as he attempted to exit the Matrix through a hardline. Formerly, the hotel was abandoned, partially burned and dilapidated. It has since been reconfigured as a functional hotel to prevent further misuse.

- Metacortex -

Downtown: Morrell
X:-1237 Y:13 Z:-200
The former place of employment for Thomas Anderson. Agents Smith, Jones, and Brown captured him here after he failed his attempt to escape using a window washer scaffold.

- Government Lobby -

Downtown: Park East
X:673 Y:0 Z:300
Following the reconfiguring of the Matrix, the government building used by the Agents to interrogate Morpheus was removed from the Matrix. The code for the lobby itself was relocated to the first floor of one of the Kalt Corporation towers downtown.

- Hel Club -

Downtown: Hampton Green
X:-236 Y:? Z:-21
The most popular Exile club in the Matrix, the Hel Club can only be reached by pressing the partially scratched-out "Help" button in the elevator of an underground parking garage downtown in Hampton Green. Access is currently available only to loyal servants of the Merovingian for periodic meetings with prominant organizational leaders operating under NPC protocols.

- Industrial Hallway -

[Access points throughout the Mega City]
[See Organizational Archivist for a key and contact your controller for coordinates]
A highly restricted network of hallways and doors leading to innumerable locations within the Matrix. It has been used often by Seraph and the Oracle to travel safely between different areas of the Matrix. Access to the Industrial Hallways is currently available to operatives with a significant rank in their given organization. Keys can be acquired for $i100,000,000 at the Organizational Archivists throughout the Richland District.

An unrestricted access point to the Industrial Hallways has also been located in Shinjuku by the White Lotus Hotel. Rogue Elite Commandos have been seen patrolling the hallways. Extreme caution and maximum firepower are recommended.

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