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These downloads are not necessarily related to The Matrix Online but are at least related to The Matrix.

NOTE: I have scanned all of these files with Norton AntiVirus. They are all virus-free. I use them all myself and have had no issues with them at all. If, by some small chance, one of them contains a virus, please inform me as soon as possible and I will remove them immediately.


The Matrix Trilogy: [Download] [Website] (Size: 1.08 MB)

You will not need to download anything else if you're going for accuracy. This screen saver is perfect in every way. Not only does the codestream look exactly like the actual operator's consoles, you can invoke special effects like code bursts in three different styles, the deja vu glitch, the superman thing glitch, and the Smith infection glitch, among a few others. You can set them to happen at certain intervals, when you hit specific keys, or both (set the frequency to the maximum so that they only occur when you invoke them with the appropriate hotkey). Aside from the various special effects, the rest of the settings are fully customizable. You can also add a Title effect. The list is endless. This goes beyond a simple screensaver to the level of a complete Matrix operator's console emulator. If you were planning on making your own Matrix film, this would be the only thing you'd ever need. Best of all, it's completely free.

The Matrix Screensaver (SW): [Download] [Website] (Size: 67.8 KB)

This is a decently accurate and authentic free screensaver. It is totally free and is extremely customizable. Due to the differences between computers, I cannot post recommended settings for all of the different customizations, but there are a few things that should be set in order for the screen saver to be as accurate as possible:

- Grid running: standard
- First character always changes: yes
- Percent of changing characters: 25%
- First character always bold: yes
- Percent of bold characters: 50%

The rest of the settings can be changed to optimize the appearance based on the user's monitor and other computer hardware.

The default installation directory for this screensaver is: C:\WINDOWS\system32

The Matrix: [Download] (Size: 212 KB)

This is very accurate screensaver, though it's a little too slow and doesn't have as many customizations. It does, however, have a very spiffy feature: you can input your phone number and handle, and it will run through the trace program using the number you provided, after which it will run through the messages from Trinity using your name instead of Neo's. This option can also be disabled.

Matrix Code Emulator: [Download] [Website]

This screensaver has a few inaccuracies (it contains Japanese hiragana and kanji instead of just katakana), but it's still better than the official screen saver.

Matrix Mania: [Download] [Website] (Size: 380 KB)

There are only two problems with this screensaver: you can't set it to randomly change the speed for each column independantly, and you have to purchase the full version after 15 days. Other than that, it's pretty much flawless.

Kelly Software Matrix Screensaver: [Download] [Website] (Size: 1.46 MB)

This screensaver supports up to four monitors. Though the code glyphs are very accurate, the overall graphical quality is fairly low. It also has an option for reading data about your system and displaying it as if a trace program were being run on your computer.


The default installation folder for Windows XP users should be "C:\WINDOWS\Fonts" but if such a folder does not exist on your system, use the Search function to find any .ttf files and that should show you where your fonts are installed.

"Matrix" Font - Designed by Charlotte of Siesta Fonts, this is an excellent version of the font used in the titles of the films.

Matrix Code - An excellent and very accurate font of the code of the Matrix designed by Lexandr. It is a combination of selected mirrored Japanese katakana symbols and standard Arabic Numerals.

OCR A Extended - The recommended font for this site. It is a common fixed-width font and is used often for Matrix-related artwork and documentation.

The files available for download on this page are all protected by their own respective copyrights.

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