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This page contains links to a collection of archived webpages from Data Node One, the official MxO website. Following the transfer of development from Monolith to SOE, much of this content was removed from the website. I have included it here in an effort to preserve the history of The Matrix and inform new redpills of what has recently happened with greater accuracy and detail than the timeline.

Keep in mind that this archive is incomplete. It does not include the old forums, which were sadly deleted as a result of the development transfer. This content is provided as-is with no guarantee of completion or function. I will be working on getting some of the obvious problems fixed (the lack of the header graphics on the pages, for example, is a problem I am aware of and it will take a long time to fix).

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Also, back issues of The Sentinel can be found in The Sentinel Archive.

Because some of the event summary pages can be difficult to find, I've arranged them in chronological order and organized them by the individual major events:

Matrix Storyline
A Brief History of the Matrix
The Organizational Controllers
The Elements
The Spectrum
The Race to Find The One...
Panic in the Streets of Mega City
Morpheus' Plea to the Awakened
The Oracle
Mysterious Speeches
Final Scores
Updated Fragment Collection Standings
The Menace of Red Eyed Agents
Tooth and Nail
Blood Code
Mega City Health Alert!
Day 1 Speeches
Strange Bedfellows
Day 2 Speeches
Ascension of Invalesco
Nightfall Synopsis
Neurophyte Riddle Solution
The Hunt for Morpheus Coming Soon
Zoin Broadcast Channel
Merovingian Broadcast Channel
Machine Broadcast Channel
Morpheus is Dead
The Hunt for Morpheus Breaking News!
The Hunt for Morpheus Recaps
- Choice and Consequence -
The Crew of the Novalis II
Agenda Unmasked
Choice and Consequence: In Summary
Act One: A Tangled Web
Event Update
A Message from Tyndall
A Message from Agent Gray
A Message from Flood
Another Missive from Tyndall
Another Missive from Agent Gray
Another Missive from Flood
Broadcast Bay
End Game

All archived DN1 content was provided by Super Jenius.

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