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Please note these disclaimers before quoting sections of this site. Not everything on this website is perfectly accurate or confirmed.

NOTE: This entire page is out of character (OOC).

STACK'S FORMER BLUEPILL OCCUPATION: In real life, I have not been a library archivist. This was an occupation I made up for roleplaying purposes. I am currently a college student, which should help explain the lack of consistent progress on the site. College life can be very hectic (though also quite fun).

EXPLANATIONS FOR HISTORICAL LOCATION CHANGES: The explanations I have provided for why the historical locations are different from how they were in the films are my own explanations. They have not been provided by Monolith or Warner Bros. As far as I know, there are no "official" explanations for the inaccuracies in the historical locations. However, the explanations I have provided should be good enough for roleplaying purposes.

TIMELINE ACCURACY: The timeline is my best interpretation of the entire plot of the Matrix series. There may be some flaws or inconsistencies, and some of the interpretations may also be inaccurate. The Animatrix stories were placed in as logical a way as I could figure. Any involving only bluepills and agents were placed early in the timeline before people started waking up and while the Machines were still eliminating glitches and problems from the system (self-substantiation and glitched-up buildings both are things that the Machines would need to deal with early, and they're also things that would get the attention of redpills, which isn't seen in the stories). The placement of "Program" is based on Cypher's betrayal, since it makes sense that Zion would implement the testing programs after Cypher betrayed the Nebuchadnezzar crew. I also have not included most of the information from the comics, since I still haven't figured out when they all take place (and I still haven't read all of them).

ENTER THE MATRIX PLOT ELEMENTS IN THE TIMELINE: I structured the plot from Enter the Matrix similar to how I recorded it for my EtM movies. I primarily went with Ghost, as he's better suited for combat situations and Niobe sticks with the car. I also modified the plot of the Chateau to simplify who gets captured and who rescues whom. Since it already shows a scene of Niobe getting captured by Vlad, I removed her escape and had Ghost rescue her.

PREVIOUS POTENTIAL ONES IN THE TIMELINE: I decided to include the part about the other potential Ones that Morpheus had found before Neo even though it isn't considered canon. It was included in the original script and helps to explain a lot of the plot holes. Cypher's disbelief, for one thing, was based on the other people whom Morpheus had believed to be the One. Morpheus also explained how every person who has fought an Agent has died, and in the original script, the other potential Ones had died when trying to fight the Agents. This was also why Cypher says "If you see an Agent, you do what we do: run. You run your ass off." In the film, this line is out of place, but in the original script, it came right after Cypher revealed to Neo that the other potential Ones had died while trying to fight the Agents. This also is why Cypher says "We're gonna kill him, you understand?" at the very beginning. The original script had a second line: "He's going to die, just like the others." While I don't think it was intended to be part of the actual storyline, it really helps to explain a lot, and I felt it was beneficial to understand how the actual storyline was originally written.

BETA TIMELINE: Anything in the Beta timeline is not considered canon. Also, the reports about Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, and Smith are all unconfirmed, except for Morpheus who appeared in-game, even though cinimatic 1.3 showing his assassination had already been released.

HAUNTED HOUSES: The haunted house mentioned in the Race to Find the One event is not the same one from the Animatrix. It was a house in the Slums where story-related glitches or ghosts were reported, but I don't have the full details.

MORPHEUS' BLUEPILL NAME: The name "Daniel" is inferred from Morpheus' answering machine in Enter the Matrix, which says "You've reached the Daniel Institute of Dream Interpretation." It makes sense, since Daniel interpreted the dreams that King Nebuchadnezzar had (see the Book of Daniel in the Bible for more details), and Morpheus was the name of the Greek god of dreams.

MORPHEUS' STATUS: Since Morpheus' remains in the Real were never recovered, I have decided to set his status to M.I.A. (missing in action) instead of deceased. He also hinted that he would be faking his own death prior to his alledged assassination. And for the record, this was not brought about by the recent revelations on the forums. I have known about the e-mail he distributed and his statements to players in-game for quite some time, and I had been planning on setting his status to M.I.A. for some time now as well.

CORRUPT AND WURM'S SHIP: The ship that Corrupt and Wurm served aboard is not explicitly stated anywhere, but it's implied by the fact that Corrupt and Ice were protecting Jacob in Enter the Matrix, and Wurm is also seen in a nearby area.

TYNDALL'S BIRTH TYPE: Some people have erroneously said that Tyndall was freeborn in the Real world. Her backstory proves otherwise: she used to serve aboard a hovercraft, but her cranial jack was permanently damaged in an accident, so she only works as a Zion controller. She apparently also has the ability to jack in to the Constructs.

SPOON BOY'S STATUS: There's no confirmation that he survived the invasion of Zion, but there's no reason to think that he died, and he's just too cute to say otherwise. It was definitely implied, though, that he was an orphan in Zion in Reloaded, since he sent Neo a spoon before the Nebuchadnezzar left for the meeting with the Oracle.

AGENT PICTURES: The pictures for Agents Gray and Skinner are of generic agents met on missions. The pictures for Agents Gray and Pace were doctored to alter the backgrounds.

MACHINE PROGRAM PURPOSES: Many of the purposes listed for the Machine programs are my own interpretations, though the purposes for Rama-Kandra and Kamala are explicitly stated in Revolutions.

HORSEMAN OF THE APOCALYPSE: The name for this Machine is not official in any way, shape, or form. It is only the name I use to refer to it. The imagery of the machine bears a resemblance to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

JOURNAL ARCHIVE PICTURES: Almost every screenshot prior to April 27th has been cropped, doctored, altered, or fixed in some way or another. Any time my name appears as "Stack," it's been altered from either "CaptStack" or "Stackk." There are far too many other things that have been erased, replaced, copied, moved, or altered, so just be aware that they weren't all originally like that. Many of them have also been set up, using certain emotes or moods to place characters in certain positions that they aren't normally in (using the point emote to make it look like someone is reaching for a hardline phone, for example). Also, every single screenshot is reduced in size to improve the resolution and quality, and to reduce the filesize.

BOSS COORDINATES ON THE ACCESS NODE PAGE: I modified these coordinates from the list that was submitted to me (which was an updated version of the list Jacobib compiled) by rounding them to the nearest multiple of 5 for the X and Z coordinates. I've confirmed some of them, and eventually I'll verify all of them, but for now, I make no claim to their accuracy.

GALLERY: Any pictures labeled with either the name "Stack" or "Bedman" were done by me. I use the name "Bedman" on GameFAQs, which was where I first used the WTF Smiths picture. The PWNED picture of the Merovingian's goons was also heavily doctored to incorporate the flares from all of the guns. The MTV Collection pictures were taken from the 2003 MTV Movie Awards parody of The Matrix Reloaded.

SOURCES: Not all sources have been cited, for which I apologize. A lot of the info was taken from the MxO Beta Forums. There were several hardline / access node coordinate lists being passed around without any sources. I've also done a lot of editing and confirming myself since then. Also, much of the basic info like coordinates and such is not really able to be copyrighted. It's more how it's presented or written that can be copyrighted. Also, I've probably forgotten to add source entries for a few contributions, so I apologize if anyone is left out. Just let me know if you contributed anything to the site and I'll be happy to add it to the sources page.

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