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NOTE: Vulgarities have been edited according to the guidelines presented in The Associated Press Stylebook (2005 Edition).

AFK (ā´ ef kā'), adj. 1. the state of being away from one's computer for an indefinite length of time. --v.i. 2. (usu. "go AFK") to leave one's computer for an indefinite period of time. [a(way) f(rom) k(eyboard)]

ag·gro (a' grō), n., pl. -groes. 1. the tendency of a hostile NPC to initiate hostile action toward a player or friendly NPC. 2. the focus a hostile NPC has directed toward a specific target. 3. a hostile NPC that will attack without provocation. --adj. 4. tending to attack others without provocation. --v.t. 5. to focus one's attention on a specific target and attack them specifically. 6. to draw the focus of a hostile NPC toward oneself [AGGR(ESSION) + -O]

ag·gro range, the radius in which an aggressive hostile NPC is likely to initiate combat.

AOE, area of effect.

alt (ôlt), n. 1. a character or identity other than the one primarily used by a player. --adj. 2. of or pertaining to an alt. [abbr. ALTERNATE]

BRB, be right back.

buff (buf), n. 1. a stat increase bestowed on someone from an ability or an article of clothing. --v.t. 2. to raise a stat by means of clothing or an ability. --v.i. 3. to have one's stat increased.

con (kon), v. conned, con·ning. --v.i. 1. to display a guage of relative strength. --v.t. 2. to judge the strength of a hostile enemy. [abbr. CONSIDER]
--Usage. The Matrix Online uses a color-coded con system to show the relative danger of an enemy, ranging from grey to purple. An enemy is said to "con grey," for example, when their name is shown in grey, denoting that they are an easy target relative to the player's strengths.

de·buff (dē' buf), n. 1. a stat decrease imposed on someone from an ability. --v.t. 2. to decrease a stat by means of an ability. --v.i. 3. to have a stat decreased by means of an ability, usually from a hostile opponent.

FFS, for f---'s sake.

FUBAR (f bär), adj., FUBARed, FUBAR'd. 1. the state of things in general being totally and hopelessly ruined. 2. broken or faulty beyond any practical or conceivable remedy. --v.i. 3. (usu. "to go FUBAR") to become broken or faulty, especially for no apparent reason. --v.t. 4. to cause severe harm or damage to someone or something. [f(---ed) u(p) b(eyond) a(ll) r(ecognition)]

gank (gangk), v.t. 1. to use excessive and unfair force to attack and defeat someone significantly weaker than yourself. 2. to gang up on someone. --v.i. 3. to be attacked and defeated by someone significantly stronger than yourself. [prob. GAN(G) + K(ILL)] --gank'·er, gank'·ee, n.

IRL, in real life.

kthx (kā thangks), okay, thanks.

kthxbai (kā thangks bī), okay, thanks, bye.

LMAO (l´ mā' ō), laughing my ass off.

mob (mob), n. 1. an NPC enemy, especially one found in mass quantities. 2. a gang of hostile enemies that extends throughout one or more territories. [abbr. MOBILE]

nerf (nûrf), v.t. 1. to weaken a certain aspect or feature of a game, usually in an attempt to improve balance. --v.i. 2. to be nerfed. --n. 3. a weakening of an aspect or feature of a game. [orig. a brand name for soft, foam-based children-friendly toys, including weapons and sports equipment]

OOC, out of character.

pwn (pōn), v., pwn·ed, pwn·'d, pwn·ing, pwns, pwnz, pwn·z0rz, --v.t. 1. to defeat someone with a great deal of style or a tremendous display of power. --v.i. 2. to be shamefully defeated by an opponent. [resp. own] --pwn'·age, pwn´·i·na'·tion, n.

ROFL, rolling on the floor laughing.

RTFM, read the f---ing manual

STFU, shut the f--- up.

TY, thank you.

whis·key tan·go fox·trot, interj., see WTF [military code for the letters W,T, and F]

WTF (dub´l y tē´ ef', dub´ y-), interj. 1. (used to express confusion, disbelief, and/or dismay). [w(hat) t(he) f(---)].

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