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News: The Matrix Underworld, Part One

Though redpills often take center stage in the saga of the Matrix, there are many behind-the-scenes characters who play key roles in shaping the Mega City's socio-political environment. These entities are extremely powerful Exiles who have entered the system in order to escape deletion, or to amass personal power.

While the most powerful, or the most cautious, of these Exiles can stand alone in the Matrix, most Exiles find the need to form groups of one form or another. The most visible and common of these groups are the gangs roaming the neighborhoods. However, these gangs are little more than puppets for the true powers within the city. One such power is that of the Elements.

Introducing The Elements

Located primarily in Richland, this group of Exiles used to be facets of one larger program before they escaped into the Matrix. The code comprising them was sundered in their escape from the Machine Source. Each is fractured along a different line, focused in a different way — some would call them eccentric, but others prefer the term "broken." In their new lives they find themselves drawn to one another: to compete, cooperate, and monitor each other's activities with obsessive dedication.

You might think of them as a group of close friends who grew up together, defining themselves by their relationships with each other. Now that they've left the safety of the Source, they must make their way alone.

The vagaries of their new lonesome existences sometimes prove too much for them to bear. They long for the simplicity and clarity of their former life. They take any opportunity to interact with each other, and against each other, to remind themselves of the halcyon days when they were important programs with purpose, rather than cast-offs hiding in the backwaters of the Matrix.

These are the known members of the Elements family:


Gender: Male
Location: Kedemoth, Richland

Dossier: Argon is the most domineering and powerful of the Elements. He likes to think of himself as a careful planner and strategist, and reveres historical military commanders like gods. However, in truth he is somewhat rash in his moves, pushing forward out of hubris and ego more than anything else. Under his expensive suit, he is truly just a thug.

Argon has no qualms about doing whatever is necessary to gain more power and influence over the Matrix.

As part of the Source, Argon was a controlling routine, and as an Exile, he still expects to be obeyed. He is known for his terrible rages when matters fail to go his way, and is jealous and possessive of his paramours (Beryl is the current one). In the end, though, Argon cares for no one more than himself.


Gender: Female
Location: Mannsdale, Richland

Dossier: A stylish and sharp businesswoman, Anti-M is one of the few Elements who is truly satisfied with the way things are going now. No longer suffering under the subroutine dictates of Argon, she has pushed out of her number-cruncher's box to become a savvy dealer of $Information in the Matrix.

She wears expensive Italian suits and makes her own rules now. She's recently become involved with Beryl, but things have gone further than she intended. Her initial plan was to use Beryl to strike at Argon, but she now finds herself truly caring about the relationship, and she is unwilling to sacrifice it for the chance to get back at Argon for his bullying ways.

Regardless, she is thoroughly enjoying the thrill of perpetrating the affair right under Argon's nose.


Gender: Female
Location: Midian Park, Richland

Dossier: Beryl is like the Most Beautiful Girl in school; things have always come easily to her because of the elegance of her code. She got used to the status that provided her, but now finds herself isolated by Argon and his controlling ways.

She realizes now that it was a mistake to become involved with him, and wants to be free of his control, but she is afraid to challenge him openly. Although she is somewhat under Argon's thumb, she still manages to run her own affairs, usually to Argon's detriment.

For a short time she has been carrying on a secret relationship with Anti-M, who almost has Beryl convinced to act against Argon.


Gender: Male
Location: Uriah, Richland

Dossier: Mercury has a head for gadgets and considers himself somewhat of a genius inventor. He wanted to make a big name for himself in the Matrix, but was locked out of the market by the Merovingian after a faux pas at the Frenchman's restaurant, which his fellow Exile Thallia called attention to.

He now operates a garage in the Uriah neighborhood of Richland, tinkering with his devices in the hope of coming up with something brilliant enough to "show them all."

Mercury hates Thallia passionately and will do just about anything to strike at her. Though he is currently involved in a relationship with an exile named Pepper, he still carries a torch for Raini and occasionally sends her gifts or letters, anonymously of course.


Gender: Female
Location: Moriah Projects, Richland

Dossier: Molly-B is the "sweet young thing" of the Elements. She presents the picture of civility and politeness. Molly-B has taken it upon herself to try to curb the more unruly behaviors of the other Elements, or repair their transgressions when she can. Because she is not as ruthless as the others in her bid for power, she wields less direct influence, but her indirect effects can be just as striking when viewed over the long term.

Oddly, she feels protective of the other Elements, as they do of her, in spite of their differing viewpoints. None of them can imagine hurting Molly-B, no matter what other repugnant business they may be into. She is, in many ways, their conscience.

Though she has concealed it well, she has an enormous crush on Argon. She's well aware of what kind of man he is, but is sure that she could reach the nobility within him under the right circumstances.


Gender: Female
Location: Apollyon, Richland

Dossier: If there is an unstable personality in the Elements, it's Raini. She is emotional, passionate, full of everything that makes life exciting… and completely unable to turn it off for even a second. Raini is ready to go for anything at the drop of a hat, no matter the voice of reason. Were she not so clever (and lucky) she would probably be long dead.

She has had relationships with practically all of the other Elements, but all were like bright sparks that quickly passed. The only exception is her tumultuous relationship with Mercury. She is completely over him, but knows he still pines for her and is willing to use that any time it benefits her.

Raini is constantly riding the emotional rapids, powerfully attracted to you one moment, slapping your face the next, but always pushing the needle to the redline in everything she does.


Gender: Female
Location: Eschean Projects, Richland

Dossier: Ruth is the oldest of the Elements; even older than Argon. She believes that the key to getting into the heart of the Matrix's workings is to be an innocuous part of it. Standing atop an office tower puts you too far up to see what's really going on. She prefers to be right down next to the bluepills that drive the $Information flow, moving about elbow to elbow with the humans. She's even been known to form friendships with bluepills – something most Exiles would never dream of doing.

Ruth has a semi-cooperative relationship with most of the other Elements, who largely consider her to be an eccentric, and no threat. She enjoys striking secretly at Thallia due to the woman's haughty attitude, and sometimes comes into conflict with Anti-M over $Information.


Gender: Male
Location: Research Laboratory, Media Center, Downtown

Dossier: With his eponymous hair, Silver is among the most focused of the Elements, valuing order and information above all else. Silver is not an imposing physical specimen, but he's a self-possessed Exile with a distinct air of superiority over the dullards he's surrounded by.

Silver is often called on by the other Elements when they need something very complex to be figured out fast. His prices are steep indeed, especially for Argon, whose air of superiority he finds unbearable. Silver is engaged in several lines of Matrix-research that promise new technologies or insights into the code of the Matrix, but he also puts quite a bit of effort into spying on Mercury. Silver cannot understand how such a simpleton could create the devices Mercury does.


Gender: Female
Location: Magog, Richland

Dossier: Thallia is extremely vindictive. Her entire existence is centered on finding, exploiting, and exposing the faults and weaknesses of others. She delights in seeing someone else slashed by her verbal swordplay, or crushed with despair under the revelation of their deepest secrets. She would have been right at home in the bosom of courtly intrigue, but today finds the same position in elite business and media circles.

Nobody really likes her, but everyone is afraid of her. Thallia seems to have something on everyone, and makes sure they know it.


Gender: Female
Location: Achan, Richland

Dossier: Yttri was a late addition to the Elements, a subroutine added in the days before their flight to the Matrix. She is an exotic woman with unique viewpoints, somewhat like an exchange student tossed into their midst. Some of the other Elements resented the attention she garnered at first, others sought to take advantage of her, but nobody really understood her.

Yttri is given to long, considerate pauses in her conversations, and insightful comments that imply she knows a great deal. She has settled into a comfortable existence on the fringes of bluepill society as a street musician.

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