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News: Event: Zion Broadcast Channel


05.26.05 | 2:00 PM


Priority Transmission from Commander Lock

To: All Zion Operatives

All operatives are hereby commanded to desist from further communication with Captain Morpheus, formerly of the Hovercraft Nebuchadnezzar. Morpheus has been declared a renegade and traitor to Zion. Zion High Command has assigned forces to contain his activities and prevent his ongoing threat to the Truce and humanity itself.

Your leadership, your officers, do not undertake this decision lightly. We do not callously turn on any of our operatives without extreme provocation. We have given Morpheus ample opportunity to recant his reckless decision and return to Zion to discuss his request directly with High Command, yet he has repeatedly ignored these in favor of his quixotic mission to regain the body of The One.

We regret the necessity of these actions, but the welfare of Zion is at stake. This is not easy for any of us, but his actions threaten the very lives of those he worked to protect.

There are those of you that have chosen to support Morpheus in his endeavors. Risking your own lives for a cause is between you and your maker. But risking the lives of the innocent? Unconscionable!

We have suffered a great deal to get this far, but everything we have done was for the preservation of Zion, for the preservation of humanity!

To you, I say this: To what end do you support Morpheus now?

Zionites For Zion!

- Lock


05.23.05 | 4:00 PM


New Orders: Apprehend Morpheus

To: All Zion Operatives

Fellow Soldiers of Zion,

I know you’re aware of the situation with Morpheus. He’s not well. It’s a sad day for us all, but our hands are forced. The problem is, soldiers, although you and I know that Morpheus’ actions, while perfectly sane to him, puts us in a difficult position. He has gone against the sanction of Zion High Command, and is endangering all of us in the process. We cannot let him continue.

I have to contact Morpheus today, to find him inside the Matrix. I hope to convince him to jack out and come back to Zion, where he’ll be safe. It isn’t too late to work with the entire Zion leadership to find the answers he seeks; but planting bombs won’t get him any closer to getting Neo’s body returned. He has to understand, this is about Zion, and our continuing fight for freedom.

Soldiers, Morpheus’ plans have spiraled out of control. We have to work together to help him see that. We need all available operatives to continue defusing the code bombs in an effort to contain the damage.

Anyone who can lend a hand should be working overtime to do so. And if Morpheus is spotted, Zionites are called to reason with him, in an effort to help him see the foolishness of his actions.

I’ll see you in the streets.



05.23.05 | 11:00 AM


New Orders: Apprehend Morpheus

To: All Zion Operatives

Warriors of Zion, I must call upon you for a dangerous, and perhaps unpleasant, task. As many of you know, the Matrix has been under attack recently. The detonation of so-called "code bombs" has enabled some blue pills to see beyond the façade of the Matrix, threatening both them and the simulation itself.

What you may not know, is that the man responsible for these attacks is one of our own: Captain Morpheus.

While Morpheus is a figure of near-legendary proportions among our people, and while I greatly admire his past dedication to the cause of Zion, we are no longer at war.

Because repeated orders form Zion Command have been dispatched to Morpheus, and ignored, we have no choice but to order all available Zion operatives to act against Morpheus.

Scouts have discovered some potential locations where Morpheus may strike with his code bombs, and we are continuing to analyze available intelligence. In the near future, I will dispatch some of you to investigate, and perhaps intervene.

There are some who have sided with Morpheus in his misguided crusade. Although they may once have been our friends, we cannot afford to let that interfere with our duty. If you encounter opposition in apprehending Morpheus or disabling one of his bombs, you are to use all means necessary to achieve your objective. This order comes directly from Commander Lock.

I understand that this is a trying time, but I call upon each of you to find it in your hearts to rise to this challenge. You must harden yourself and carry on in the name of Zion.

Tyndall out.


05.22.05 | 5:00 PM


Lock: "Morpheus Endangers Us All."

To: All Zion Operatives

Zion Operatives, we have an emergency on our hands.

Morpheus is carrying out his threats to awaken bluepills in large groups, with a special “code bomb”. When the bomb goes off, it renders visible to bluepills the underlying RSI code structure of any redpill caught in the blast. Although no bomb seems to have caused physical damage, the shock of seeing their world turning to code appears to be enough to awaken bluepills.

Soldiers of Zion, this “mass awakening” has raised irresponsibility to an art form. Certainly we would like to see more bluepills Awakened from the Matrix. However, we need them to be Awakened on our terms – readied for the transition and helped to cope by their new peers. This is not what’s happening now. A bluepill “awakened” by a code bomb wakes up disoriented and alone, a blank slate for whatever Organization finds them first. Yes, friends, the ranks of the Merovingian and Machines are swelling, as Zion cannot hope to reach all these newly Awakened bluepills in time.

It’s become clear that Morpheus himself is unaware of the full ramifications of his actions, as we now know his first priority is the return of Neo’s body, to the exclusion of all else. Zion High Command has asked him to back down and try more appropriate and acceptable methods of negotiation, but he is uncooperative. In his own words, we “are either with him or against him”.

Zionites, you must be clear on one thing – in this case, the ends do not justify the means. Morpheus’ actions endanger the Truce and ultimately undermine the security of the Zion Organization, all in the name of his monomaniacal whims. Do not, I repeat, do not encourage his activities, and do not assist him no matter how persuasive and charismatic he seems. Morpheus will reap what he sows, alone. Our soldiers must not be dragged down with him.

Thank you for your cooperation.

- Lock


05.22.05 | 11:00 AM


Commander Lock Speech to Zion Forces

To: All Zion Operatives

Loyal followers of Zion, please take note. The actions of Morpheus, captain of the hovercraft Nebuchadnezzar, are not in any way sanctioned or endorsed by Zion High Command. His threats against the Machines, involving “awakening bluepills en masse” if Neo’s body is not returned, are made in pursuit of a personal agenda and have serious implications for the fate of the Truce and possibly all of Zion.

If you see Morpheus, relate to him Zion High Command’s desire for him to desist immediately, but do not interact with him further. As much as it pains me to say this, we suspect that Morpheus may not be completely sane at this point. Certainly his willingness to sacrifice the Truce for the return of a corpse does not indicate sanity. There is no evidence to show that this body is worth such a price.

I do not wish Captain Morpheus ill, but I hope he is forced to see reason before his actions bring further trouble upon us all.

Good day, redpills. And good luck.

- Lock

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