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News: The Organizational Controllers


Tyndall, Zion Organization Controller

Tyndall was awakened at a young age and spent her formative adolescent years in Zion. She took to the philosophy offered by Morpheus, but she saw the struggle against the Machines as a quest larger than any one person, and so could not accept the prophesy of The One as fact. She much preferred the more pragmatic approach of Jason Lock, relying on the resources and abilities of the people of Zion to save themselves, without waiting for a Savior.

When she came of age, Tyndall eagerly became a Zion operative in the Matrix. She served capably during the War, working her way up to a senior position, but retired from field duty in the aftermath of an accident that rendered her unable to jack into the Matrix safely any longer. An Agent dropped a 220kV power line on her as she was jacking out, causing feedback that damaged her neural jacks in the real world. She was almost killed.

Today she is only able to jack into controlled environments such as the control center construct or training programs. The unpredictable nature of the Matrix broadcast signal could overload her damaged jacks and cause permanent or fatal damage to her. Still, she had a tremendous amount of experience in the Matrix, so instead of becoming a Hovercraft Captain, she accepted a position as Commander Lock's liaison to field operations in the Matrix.

Description & Style: Tyndall is an Icelandic beauty, all cheekbones and snowy blonde hair. She addresses operatives as “Warrior,” or by their rank, and speaks constantly of vigilance and preparedness. She tries hard to imbue missions with nobility, and encourages you to be your best. Her manner is practiced and professional, but imbued with a sense of encouragement. She often ends conversations with inspirational phrases.

Tyndall considers herself to be a representative of Zion, but in spite of her effort to paint herself as a servant of the cause, she has become a leader through her devotion and dedication. She often takes personal responsibility for the mishaps of Zion, feeling that somehow, the fault is her own; she is quick to apologize when things have gone awry. Tyndall sometimes speaks to her operatives in the Matrix as if she is with them, likely because she desires nothing more than to return to the Matrix to work for Zion's victory firsthand.


Agent Gray, Machine Civilization Controller

Gray was one of several Agents trapped in the Matrix during the infestation known as Smith. His program was overwritten with new code, executing instructions which conflicted with his primary architecture. When Smith was defeated and Smith's program was withdrawn from the system, Gray was freed, but his ordeal was not yet over.

The Machine Civilization is run by cautious protocols, and there was still some chance that the Smith code had found a place to shelter within the system, or within an RSI. Agents that had been exposed to Smith were quarantined within the Matrix during the reset—something that is usually never done. Bluepills have their connections to the system attenuated so they never notice the event, and Exiles can seek shelter in a construct, but Agents have no such recourse. Those trapped in the system during the reset were literally turned inside out as their code was deconstructed and recompiled with a vicious error-checking routine.

Even afterward, he has not been allowed to return to the Source, instead relegated to a buffer system created during the reboot—a gateway construct which acts as a Machine analog to the Merovingian's Mobil Avenue Station. In some ways he is almost an Exile, but for the fact that he believes he will eventually be able to return to the Source.

Description & Style: Due to his current situation, Agent Gray was selected to act as recruiter and Controller for human beings that the Machines believe can assist them in controlling the Matrix. Like all Agents he is normally dispassionate and aloof, with a precise manner of speaking, but his forced dealings with humans have left him with somewhat more understanding of them than most Agents.

When dealing with humans, he uses many euphemisms, as he has found that humans often prefer not to say what they really mean. Death is “cessation of awareness.” Stealing is “expeditious acquisition.” He addresses humans by their gender title and bluepill last name (e.g. "Mister Anderson"), and seems to have a foolproof way of knowing this information about every human he speaks to.

Though Gray resented his assignment greatly at first, he has come to appreciate the fact that he is better at dealing with humans than most other machine Agents. Although he does not enjoy interacting with humans, the fact that he is efficient at it gives him a sense of... pride.


Flood, Merovingian Controller

In the Source, Flood was a subroutine of a larger program. He was a good subroutine. He got things done when the other routines crashed or failed. If there was something that needed doing, there was only one subroutine to call. And what did he get for his trouble? Marked for deletion, that's what. Handling every problem that came his way since cycle number one didn't matter when there was a revised routine who could do it just a little faster.

Bitter and angry at the Source for deriding his code as non-optimal, Flood made the decision to jump to the Matrix and become an Exile. He was determined to make himself someone important in the Matrix. Flood wouldn't be anyone's subroutine anymore. From now on he'd be his own boss, make his own decisions, and nobody would ever judge him again. Only it didn't really work out that way.

It wasn't long before he crossed the Merovingian and ended up deeply in trouble with the Frenchman. It was a hard lesson for Flood to learn; that there's no such thing as being an independent operator in the Matrix, that everyone has to report to someone. Fortunately for Flood, he's very good at what he does, and what he does is manage jobs for a larger program. With little recourse to save his code from permanent deletion, and faced with the threat of being imprisoned in the Blackwood, Flood offered his services to the Merovingian.

In the time since, he has become nearly indispensable to the Merovingian, working his way up to a position of great trust and authority. In the wake of the Truce, Flood had been handed responsibility for running human operatives in the Matrix as a counter to both Zion and new Machine initiative in using humans.

Description & Style: Flood is a vain man, who deeply resents his position as second fiddle and lackey to the Merovingian. Regardless, he plays up his position as one of the most powerful in the Matrix and a role to be coveted. He's always clad in ultra-stylish clothing, his hair bleached and styled perfectly. In dealing with humans, Flood is sarcastic and sometimes even sadistic, lacing his instructions with qualifiers that suggest his operatives are incompetent. In conversation he hints that he's only biding his time in this
subservient position until his true plans come to fruition.

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