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News: Event: Nightfall - Day 2 Speeches

Ookami and Malphas emerge unscathed from hiding to accuse the Merovingian of attempting to assassinate them. Malphas personally appeals to all of humanity for assistance in fighting the Merovingian. Lupine lieutenants also come forward to apologize for the recent misdirected aggression and make further supplications to humankind for aid in fighting the Merovingian. The following are transcriptions of the speeches today.

Malphas' Speech to Redpills

Lupine Lieutenant's Appeal to Mankind

Malphas' Speech to Redpills

I am Malphas, speaking to you on behalf of all Blood-drinkers and Lupines. This is a time of grave danger for our people.

First, Ookami and I must apologize for the recent confusion regarding our whereabouts, but it was a maneuver intended only to ensure our continued survival.

As you surely know, when our kind elected to escape the tyranny of the Machine world, we innocently believed that we had found a home for ourselves in the Matrix.

While we knew there was no guarantee of safety, the last thing we expected was a threat to our very existence from our fellow Exiles!

The reason we were forced to deceive you by throwing suspicions of kidnapping on others, the reason we were made to take cover within the shadows, is that a murderous betrayal has occurred.

Our lives were threatened by none other than the Merovingian himself. What is more, he will not rest until we are all exterminated.

While the Merovingian has not openly stated his reasons behind this betrayal, we believe that they are grounded in the perception that he is weak and afraid of our strength.

All should be allowed to exist in peace within the Matrix. Isn’t this the very basis of your Truce with one another?

Invariably there will be those who covet power and position. Such entities become treacherous in their desire, and the Merovingian has targeted the Lupines and Blood-Drinkers because we see him for what he is—a coward who hides behind a flimsy fop of a front man who himself detests the Merovingian.

However personally weak he may be, the Merovingian has eyes in every corner of the Matrix, and hiding from him is only a short-term option.

We will continue to remain sequestered until the time is right for open battle. And a battle is what the Merovingian will get.

The vast majority of his power is an illusion created to frighten you. Without the support of the Lupines and Blood-drinkers, he is further weakened.

We know, for we also have our eyes and ears among you, that there is no love lost between Zion and the Merovingian. The Machines, of course, wish to delete him along with the rest of the Exiles.

Fight with us. Even those of you who follow the imperious directives of the Machines should realize that the Merovingian’s organization threatens your safety as well as ours.

Help us win our freedom, and you will be improving your own situation as well. Our gratitude and friendship is not a thing to be lightly dismissed. Ponder this until our emissaries contact you.
Lupine Lieutenant Appeals to Mankind

Thank you for hearing our message.

I am a Pack Leader under Ookami. I speak on behalf of all Lupines and Blood-Drinkers. I have come to you to state our position and our purpose.

I would like to address the reports that our leaders had been kidnapped by Redpills. For that we apologize and offer an explanation.

Many of our kind had begun to grow weary of living under the confines of the self-proclaimed leader of the Exiles: The Merovingian.

The Lupines and Blood-Drinkers saw the Merovingian for what he is—a spineless leader who sends his subordinates to complete tasks that he himself is incapable of accomplishing.

Ookami and Malphas confronted the Merovingian with their concerns some time ago.

His response was lethal.

Rather than address our concerns, the Merovingian chose to react as he is programmed to do—he ordered that they be destroyed.

His history of ineptitude prevailed, and he failed.

They escaped to the safety of the archives, concealing themselves until an opportunity to end the Merovingian’s power arose.

Then he made another attempt on their lives, and again he failed, proving that the opportunity is now at hand.

All Exiles are aware of the great power that you humans possess and know that your strength is equaled by none.

The Merovingian has attempted to cripple that strength in the past, branding humans as weak and easily overcome.

Each day that he is allowed to operate unopposed his power does grow, and he becomes a stronger threat to your Truce, and the balance of power within the Matrix.

We are aware of his tenuous hold on his power. We believe that he can be stopped.

With your help, the threat of the Merovingian will become a blip on the screen in the Matrix.

We are aware that in the past there have been misunderstandings about our presence and intentions.

We wish harm to no one, and only want to live an existence free from the machinations of a deadly dictator.

We are asking for your help to destroy the Merovingian, and in return you will receive our loyalty and gratitude. Both are invaluable assets from a Lupine or Blood-Drinker.

Please consider our request.

Posted by MXO Live Events Team

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