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Music Archive - Added Dojo (Interior) and shifted DojoC to the "Constructs" category


Cypherites - *NEW PAGE* Cypherites
Merovingian Exiles - Added The Effectuator


Timeline - Added more timeline information
HvCFT Unknown 001 - *NEW PAGE* HvCFT Unknown 001 [crewmembers seen in "Beyond" from The Animatrix]
Matriculation Center - *NEW PAGE* Matriculation Center [crewmembers seen in "Matriculated" from The Animatrix]
Machines - Added the following: Runner, B1-66ER, Horseman of the Apocalypse
Bluepills - Added the following: Kid's Teacher, Old Woman, Dan Davis, Tom, Reporter, Nurse, Yoko, Clarence, Mr. Ash
Historical Locations - Added a disclaimer regarding the discrepancies between the locations in-game and on film
Historical Locations - Added information regarding the restricted access into the Hel Club


The Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Collection - Added a new WTF picture
Agents - Changed Agent Gray's picture
Rogue Exiles - Changed Invalesco's picture
URLs - Added links to Agent Jeeves' site and The Singularity Logs

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