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Richland Hardline Map - Updated the location of the Uriah Industrial Park (NE) hardline icon
Richland Comprehensive Map - Updated the locations of the Uriah Industrial Park (NE) hardline icon and Fastback
Richland Comprehensive Map - Added an icon for Mars Industrial Storage (cartographer's note: addition of this icon is not meant to coincide with the Slums Reflow, this was an accidental omission on my part earlier in the production of this map)
Main Menu - Removed link to the Mob Database Menu until updated info can be gathered


Timeline - Revised information about The Early Matrices
Timeline - Added more timeline information
The Pwned Collection - Added a new PWNED picture
The Wiskey Tango Foxtrot Collection - Added a new WTF picture


URLs - Added a link to The MxO Clothing Project
Sources - Fixed an error in the link to the Downloads page
Downloads - Added The Matrix Trilogy Screensaver
Downloads - Added the Kelly Software Matrix Screensaver


Neighborhood Mission Contacts - Fixed errors in the coordinates for The Jeweler, The Chef, and The Network
Downtown Neighborhood Mission Contacts Map - *NEW PAGE* Downtown Neighborhood Mission Contacts Map
Dowtown Comprehensive Map - Added the remaining contact icons


Rogue Exiles - Changed Invalesco's picture
Command List - Revised and removed old commands and added new commands
Command List - Added more detailed macro instructions and commands
Message Options - *NEW PAGE* Message Options
Bluepills - Changed Mr. Rhinehart's occupation to "Metacortex Executive"

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