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HvCFT Mjollnir - Promoted ranks for Roland and Colt, updated M.I.A. status for missing crewmembers
HvCFT Nebuchadnezzar - Changed Morpheus' status to "presumed deceased"
Zion Personnel - Changed Lock's status to M.I.A.
Zion Personnel - Added Danielle Wright
Agents - Revised status for Agents Brown and Jones to "replaced" instead of "upgraded"
Agents - Revised status for Agents Johnson, Thompson, and Jackson from "upgraded" to "inactive"
Rogue Exiles - Added the Morpheus Simulacrum
Oneironauts: General Information - Updated hostility authorization following the dissolvement of the truce
The Pwned Collection - Added two new Pwned pictures
Timeline - Broad updates added to bring the timeline up-to-date with current events in the Matrix

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