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The Sentinel Archive - Added a link to the May 18th, 2005 issue


Downtown Hardline Map - Added South Vauxton E and SC, Lamar S, and Maribeau C
Downtown Comprehensive Map - Added hardline icons for South Vauxton E and SC, Lamar S, and Maribeau C
Hardlines - Fixed errors in the coordinates for Park East N, Morrell S, and Vauxton C
Hardlines - Checked, double-checked, cross-checked, and triple-checked all Downtown hardline coordinates


Disclaimer - Added a disclaimer for the previous potential Ones in the timeline
Timeline - Made numerous revisions


Richland Comprehensive Map - Added labels for the Machine and Merovingian Archivists
Richland Comprehensive Map - Changed the labels for the organizational collectors
Neighborhood Contacts - Added The Bartender
Command List - Added the /orgnames command
Mjolnir Crew - Fixed errors in the Birth Types for Mauser and Maggie
Zion Personnel - Fixed an error in Councillor Hamann's name
Zion Personnel - Updated the Birth Types for the other Councillors
Exiles - Added a menu for the different Exiles pages
Merovingian Exiles - *NEW NAME* Merovingian Exiles
Rogue Exiles - *NEW PAGE* Rogue Exiles
Timeline - Divided "THE NEXT RENAISSANCE" into additional sections
Timeline - Added more timeline information
Belteshazzar Crew - Added copyright notices to all Belteshazzar pages
Downloads - Added three new screensavers
URLs - Added links to Machine Radio and Data Node Rebellion
Disclaimer - *NEW PAGE* Disclaimer
The Sentinel Archive - Added a link to the May 6th, 2005 issue
International Club Map - *NEW PAGE* International Club Map
Westview Club Map - *NEW NAME* Westview Club Map
Westview Club Map - Removed Exile Hideouts

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