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User Options - Added options for anti-aliasing and the camera position for sitting in a chair
Richland Access Node and Exile Map - Added icons for Hatchet and the clone of Tisiphone in Apollyon
User Options - Added an option for camera height while sitting on the ground


The Elements - Added backgrounds for each of the contacts
The Spectrum - Added backgrounds for each of the contacts
Agents - Changed Agent Skinner's picture
Hardlines - Changed Mara NE to Mara NW


User Options - *NEW PAGE* User Options


The Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Collection - Added a new WTF picture
The Pwnage Collection - Added a new PWNED picture
HvCFT MJOLNIR Changed Colt's picture... for real, this time....


The Older Than the Architect Collection - *NEW PAGE* The Older Than the Architect Collection
Timeline - Updated the timeline
The Oneironauts: General Information - Updated various details about the faction
The Oneironauts: HvCFT Belteshazzar - Updated the crew roster
Messages - Added italics and bold formats
HvCFT Nebuchadnezzar - Changed Morpheus' status to M.I.A.
HvCFT Mjolnir - Changed Colt's picture
HvCFT Novalis II - Changed Toorima's status to *WANTED*
Disclaimer - Added numerous disclaimers
Hardlines - Added Chelsea SE

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