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Screenshot Gallery: ###084

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NOTE: Many of these screenshots were not taken by me. Murex supplied several, and a few others were taken by the LET during the event and were posted later on the public forums.

Time for great justice.

Corruption Pulse.

The graveyard.

Surveillance from an underground Exile facility.

Not without sacrifice.

A valiant effort to fulfil his threat.

The Furious Angels descend from the skies.

Meatwadded on a rooftop.

Darrius reports in.

My own vengeance.

Leaving behind nothing but a mask.

The fifth and final location.

The Assassin approaches.

The Assassin takes aim.

Green fire.

An anonymous savior.

Leaving behind a mask... and a gun....

The duster sinks beneath the waves.

Death of the Destroyer.

Niobe makes her escape.

Lost in the depths of the river.

Sunshine breaks through.

Niobe confirms the victory.

Going to Hel.

A rather crowded elevator.

Coat check.

Checking my MAC-11.

Arriving in Hel.

A formal greeting for the Merovingian.

Enjoying our victory.

Just chilling.

Do they serve Pepsi here?...

It wouldn't be Hel without partially nude dancers.

A cheerful victory.

The Matrix returns to normal.

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