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Screenshot Gallery: ###068

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Continuing the war against the Cypherites.

A quick party in an elegant Downtown club.

Patrolling the rarely-visited archives of the old matrices.

No Cypherites in Yuki.

Editor's note: do not attempt to attack Tengu without back-up. It's not easy, as I learned first-hand.

There is no ice! There is no ice! THERE IS NO ICE!!!

Passing through the red tori gate for the last time.

First sight of Ashencourte.

The forgotten ruins of an obsolete church.

Devil-porter of Hellgate.

No Cypherites here, but there are certainly a lot of candles.

Patrolling the twilight skies.

Back in the Matrix. I never thought I'd be happy to say that.

Plenty of Cypherites around here.

You think that's water you're drinking?

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