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Mmm... sushi....

Gathering info in Downtown Mega City.

A much-deserved rest.

Peace at Mara Central for a change.

A glitched-up Agent.

Taking over the red chair.

When you no longer feel welcome in Westview...

...time to hack yourself some access into the International District.

One of the many elegant arches that adorn the streets of International.

Formal greetings.

Um... how'd that shot get in there?...

Dressed and ready for practice.

Saa... kung fu tte Nihongo de nan desu ka?

Karate no renshuu.

"Matorikkusu Dojo" no naka desu.

Yuki no iriguchi.

Sure, that kick hurt my foot, but it was nothing compared to walking in the snow.

Fighting my way up the stairs.

Kirei yuki o mimasu.

No, ma'am, we're just talking about a, uh... computer game... just ignore us....

Headline of the Week: Neo sighted at Mara Central as a Cypherite!

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