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I apologize for the crudity of some of these pictures. The image translators aboard The Belteshazzar malfunctioned while I was inside the Matrix and I was unaware that some of the images were distorted. It took a lot of work to even get them to look this good. I restored the color to some of them, but the originals of the others were lost and I won't be able to do the same for them. I apologize, but if you had seen the originals you never would've thought they were salvageable.

Redpills gather to honor a fallen hero.

One minute he lays there....

...and the next, he dissolves into a cloud of flies.

...Is this really Morpheus' body?

His blood shall spill and feed flies....

Back to normal...

...and dissolving again.

Taking a knee.

A final bow.

Off to continue the fight.

Fighting the Corrupted.

Collapsing into a corpse of flies.

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