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Screenshot Gallery: ###046

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I was laying outside the ship on the surface, gazing up at the stormy sky, wondering what the stars would look like. I didn't want to sleep, since I knew the nightmare would return. I felt cold, though, and went back inside the ship. It was suggested that I jack in to the construct and use the image translators to make a recording of my dream. These are what they showed:

Deep in a waste treatment plant.

Heading for the exit.

Waiting in ambush.

A small fly warns Morpheus of danger.

First attack.

Dodging bullets.

Running for the exit.

Time to run away.

The code bomb detonates.

Escaping into the alley.

An impossible fit.

Direct hit.

A fallen hero.

Man down.

Finishing the job.

Emptying the clip.

Dream's end.

Zion meets with the Agents.

"It wasn't us. You have as good a chance of finding out who killed him as we do."

"They're lying, Niobe!"

"We'll see. And we'll see justice done."

The investigations begin.

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