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Screenshot Gallery: ###045

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Would you trust someone this freaky-looking with your car?

At the bottom of this elevator, there is a coat check girl...

...and there she is!

Lots of guns.

Hel Club.

Red light, green light.

Oh! Sorry, Merv, didn't mean to steal your seat...

A brief firefight with the Cypherites.

Distracted by the frownie face.

Receiving the tracking bug.

Taking the easy way to Steven Myers' apartment.

A safe landing.

Interrogating Steven Myers.

Gotta be careful not to hit the wrong Agent.

Showing these Agents to be the imposters they are.

My new best friends.

Invincible bodyguards.

Like what happens when someone screws up a standoff.

Three against one is just a little overkill.

And with that, the imposters are pwned.

I can't resist... I gotta say it... "SOMEBODY SET UP US THE BOMB!"

A surprising gesture from Agent Long.

Wondering who hides behind these doors.

Among friends.

The man himself.

Bowing for Morpheus.

Handing the bomb over.

A bow in return.

One last look.

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