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Screenshot Gallery: ###030

The journal entry associated with these screenshots can be found here. The additional two images at the end were found on a disk marked "BETA." It must have something to do with that coat the Machines sent me, but my memories of when they were taken are still a bit fuzzy....

Dibol takes the red pill and joins the crew of The Belteshazzar.

I told you to dodge that!

Lending a hand to our newest recruit.

The hunt for Invalesco begins.

The hunt for Invelesco ends in the middle of my search.

Fading in and out of this false reality.

Getting the details from a witness.

I've never seen MYSELF move that fast.

This was the location of the first recorded image translation that I have a record of. It's amazing how much the image translators have changed....

I barely even remember the Club Avalon looking like that... have the Machines been messing with my memories?...

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