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Timeline - The Eyes of March

Archivist note: these events are not considered canonical because they occured during the beta phase of the Matrix. All of these events were reset at the end of the beta phase and the timeline continues directly from The Final 72 Hours into The Next Renaissance in the normal timeline.


- Hundreds of obsolete and beligerant programs are exiled and form gangs within the Mega City
- The citizens of the Mega City assess the damage caused by the rainstorm and by the fight between Neo and Smith
- Morpheus demands that the Machines return the body of Neo to Zion, but they refuse
- Morpheus avoids jacking into the Matrix and is considered to be deceased by the citizens of the Mega City
- The Machines declare the Richland district open and unrestricted for all redpills
- The Machines place restrictions on what redpills can say to bluepills
- The Agents begin hunting down the Exiles to delete them
- The Exiles discover ways to bypass the restrictions placed over the other districts of the Matrix
- The Exiles place access nodes in the restricted neighborhoods to mask their signals from the Agents
- Glitches caused by Agent Smith begin appearing in the Matrix
- Leaks in the code of the Matrix begin to appear, redpills begin to tap these data nodes for information
- Humans within the Matrix are extracted at the highest rate ever
- Massive hoverbarges are constructed to house all of the new redpills
- Due to a lack of adequate training disks, redpills start trading valuable information for new abilities
- The Matrix is reset several times in order to purge the system of the bugs caused by Smith
- Hundreds of redpills experience déjà vu
- 20,000 humans are freed from the Matrix in a single day
- The Machines start losing power
- The Machines attempt to optimize their systems to compensate
- The restrictions on communication between redpills and bluepills are lifted
- Morpheus calls for a meeting of all those still loyal to Zion
- The Merovingian finds out about Morpheus' meeting
- Exiles are sent to Debir Court to ambush Morpheus and the Zionists, but the courtyard is empty
- A swarm of agents ambushes the exiles and chases them off
- Morpheus visits the Oracle to discuss Neo's body
- Morpheus wonders why the Machines haven't liquified Neo's body and why they want to keep it
- Rumors about The Twins being sighted are heard
- Thousands more are freed from the Matrix
- Morpheus begins jacking in again and gives a speech at the Hypercube Monument in Mara
- Morpheus is sighted in several locations around the Mega City, talking to people to gain support for his mission to retrieve Neo's body
- Seraph begins searching for Morpheus to warn him of an assassin
- Seraph visits a party at the Parallaxis club and warns people that Morpheus is targeted for assassination
- Morpheus calls for another meeting of Zionists
- Hundreds gather at Debir Court and await Morpheus' arrival
- The Matrix begins to overload, many people lose their connections
- The Merovingian arrives and announces that Morpheus will arrive soon
- Morpheus arrives at Debir Court, then loses his connection
- Seraph arrives at Debir Court and asks those loyal to Morpheus to join him at Hammersfield Courts
- Morpheus appears at Hammersfield Courts
- Agent Skinner arrives and asks everyone to disperse
- An assassin attempts to murder Morpheus, but the Zionists band together and defend him from both the assassin and the Machinist and Merovingian redpills in the crowd
- Morpheus jacks out of the Matrix
- Seraph begins dueling people at Debir Court
- Morpheus jacks back in and gives a short speech at Hammersfield Courts
- Seraph continues dueling people at Debir Court



- Morpheus plants a bomb inside an industrial building
- The Assassin attacks Morpheus, but he escapes as the bomb detonates
- As Morpheus exits the building, The Assassin climbs out of a small window and shoots Morpheus
- The Assassin continues shooting and empties the clip into Morpheus' body
- The Agents deny responsibility for Morpheus' death
- Niobe vows to avenge Morpheus
- The sky of the Matrix takes on a cataclysmic appearance with giant eyes floating amongst the clouds
- The Machines begin transmitting warnings that all redpills are no longer needed and that Zion has broken the truce
- Billboards are replaced with warnings to jack out of the Matrix
- Richland is declared restricted and Agents begin killing redpills en masse
- The Machines release a virus among the redpills that sets people on fire
- Seraph and Niobe join the ranks of redpills fighting for their lives against the Agents
- Numerous claims of Neo flying overhead are reported
- Agent Smith is rumored to have been sighted
- Trinity is rumored to have been sighted
- Morpheus is seen alive in several locations around the Mega City
- All RSIs still in the Matrix get simultaneously crumpled

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