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Announcement: (LET) Proxy Transmission Intercept: Another Missive from Tyndall

Announcement: (LET) Proxy Transmission Intercept: Another Missive from Tyndall
Posted By: Aether
Created in: Forum: General Discussion
Posted: Jul 16, 2005 9:21 PM

This missive is specifically for the redpills on the Proxy instance of the Matrix.

Attention Warriors of Zion,

Our Operatives have discovered unusual objects surrounding mission areas of the Novalis II crew. It appears that when the murder of Vashuo took place, their Operator, Tamarin, issued an emergency jack-out protocol to prevent any others from being harmed.

The signal initiated from the killer appears to have been bounced off multiple cell phones of the other crew members in an attempt to mask his or her involvement. Given the varying density of the fragments, we have been able to decipher the order in which the signal was routed:

DES relayed to EXO
EXO signal halted
MAT relayed to RIS
RIS signal halted
LOR relayed to DEN
DEN signal halted
ECO signal initiated, then halted.
ECO signal reconnected, signal fluctuates.
ECO signal delivered to RIK

All signals dropped. This was the moment of death and the reaction of Tamarin to pull out all Operatives.

It is believed that the signals rely on line of sight utilizing the shortest distance possible between the connecting signals. The killer may have been at any of the locations, or an otherwise undisclosed location.

If it is an undisclosed location, hopefully there is a clue there to identify the traitor… and killer.

If you solve this mystery, notify me immediately so we may bring an end to this tragedy. Send me a data-drop at using the following format:



WHO: (Who you suspect to be the murderer)

WHERE: (Where was his or her mission location)

WHAT: (What mission-type ‘assassination, courier, etc’ was he or she doing)

SIGNAL: (What is his or her cell phone frequency signal)

CRIME: (The coordinates of the scene of the crime. Note: This may be an area differing from a mission location)

Best of Luck,


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