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Announcement: (LET) Proxy Transmission Intercept: A Message from Tyndall

Announcement: (LET) Proxy Transmission Intercept: A Message from Tyndall
Posted By: Aether
Created in: Forum: General Discussion
Posted: Jul 16, 2005 4:58 PM

This missive is specifically for the redpills on the Proxy instance of the Matrix.

Hello Warriors of Zion,

I address you today on a personal level as I bring grave news to all of you. Today marks the day that we lost an operative who was as caring as he was humorous. Many of you have worked with this operative as he was always willing to lend a helping hand on varying missions that I have issued. If you have not had the opportunity for work related matters, then you most assuredly must have joined him in a more recreational setting.

I cannot say that I knew him as well as most of you, but from word of mouth as well as communications between myself and the Novalis II… it has become an obvious loss to all of us.

The treacherous act against the victim aboard the Novalis II has forced Zion Command to dispatch security forces to the location of the hovercraft. The ship and crew will be under lockdown until a resolution has been found to find the one responsible for the murder.

The murder was carried out by the placement of an almost undetectable device attached behind the headrest of the jack-in chair used regularly by the victim. Upon receipt of a signal within the Matrix, even something as little as a phone call to the victim, causes brain activity to enable the external device and prematurely pull the plug. The result was immediate brain death; the body cannot survive without the mind.

Preliminary investigations resulted in evidence pointing to a traitor aboard the Novalis II. There is a high probability that a member aboard the hovercraft is, in fact, a Cypherite. The evidence in question, however, strongly suggests that there is only one traitor amongst their crew. However, multiple subjects have not been completely ruled out.

To the victim, you have been a refreshing reminder of what it means to be human. You’ve nurtured those who’ve required any level of medical attention without question, without concern of affiliation to Organizations… even those who work against us. Your efforts and respect for life, of all kinds, is unparalleled. May your humor which has touched the hearts of many and filled entire rooms with laughter be, for always, remembered.

Vashuo, we will miss you.


//APPEND MESSAGE LOG 383.07.14.18g33301.hvcft.novalis.ii.sawayaka.DEN000

"One of each, people. Assassination, Retrieval, Rescue, Courier, Recruitment, Infiltration, and Escort. Here's my proposed mission assignments. What do you think?"

"I'm not going to take on this rescue mission, and I don't think WanNi will either. Not after that last one."

"I’m a little concerned. I know Tasha enjoys difficult missions involving as little killing as possible and Oniyuzu is taking on the public relations work as well as guard duty.”

“I’m not worried, Odran. At least I won’t be doing a courier or retrieval raid – with those two out of the way, I can relax and try to enjoy whatever I am assigned.”

“We’ll leave it to you to save the day, Odran. Leave me carrying the bag, that way I won’t need to shoot anyone.”

“Oniyuzu, while I’m off recruiting, you can walk your little charge over my way to get my autograph, Lelan style!”


“So Lelan gets to play fetch, eh? Like the opposite of Sawayaka there.”

“Hah! Nice black catsuit Toorima, did you code that yourself?”

“I find it interesting how you are in killing, WanNi. And I sure did, Vashuo.”

“Enough, people. Let’s get ready. This time, no getting lost. Got that, Odran?”

“One mistake and I never get a courier mission again. Sheesh.”

“Oh that reminds me. Al3x, you’ve also got a courier mission.”

“Got it.”

“WanNi, brief us on the locations.”

"Understood. We have a target by the name of Roland Jefferson who needs to be eliminated. This target is an Exile program posing as a bluepill to disrupt Zionite plans at every opportunity. He is currently awaiting public transportation at the bus stop next to the southeast hardline in Sobra Shores.

We have a contact awaiting a delivery from us at the Heart of the City Hotel. This one's not for you, Al3x, yours will be in Kedemoth at the east hardline.

We have a newly initiated operative who has been disabled at an access node in Roger's Way. Agents are closing in on this operative, due to clearance issues, but we need to get to her first. Get her out of there, as soon as possible.

A package has been left for pickup at the west most hardline in Mara. Nothing extravagant, pick it up and get out.

The famous court hosting the battle between Neo and Agent Smith is necessary today. We have a contact requiring protection from this location to his destination. Keep him safe and very, very low key.

Ahh, highschool. Fitting for the one doing this mission. Head to the high school in Dannah Heights, there's a potential red-pill for us there that Zion command would like to have on board with our organization.

We need to enter the building behind Mockingbird, but we need to distract her. Some suggestions for this are to have an attention grabbing phone call right next to her to cause her to leave momentarily. After which point, enter the building undetected... and when I say undetected, I mean no one is to see you go in and out of this building.

Any questions? No? Lets get to work.”


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