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News: Event: Nightfall - Strange Bedfellows

“Well, that clever little plan didn’t work. Once the Agents became involved, it was hopeless.” The ruthlessly controlled voice dissolved into the ominous music issuing from a television set in the corner of the room. Malphas contrived to look relaxed in the overstuffed chair he’d claimed for his own, long fingers curling over the ends of the padded armrests. It was merely a pretense, precisely correct posture barely concealing a bitterly repressed rage.

“Oh, that’s hardly the worst news of the day. It seems at least one of your boys was busy with some agenda of his own,” Ookami purred. Stretching out nonchalantly, she offered a smile from the pink floral couch, knowing it would infuriate him further.

There were several muted pops as his sharpened nails punctured the fabric of the chair. “I am aware of Invalesco’s treachery. Don’t worry, I’ve got plans for him,” Malphas hissed. Red-rimmed eyes lowered from their indistinct focus on the wood-paneled wall above, fixing on his co-conspirator’s face. “You can’t believe that this was an intentional deviation from the plan?”

With a yawn, Ookami began to inspect her claws, running the tip of her tongue along one to remove lingering traces of blood. “I can believe a great many things. It seems very strange to me that your Blood-drinkers took so very long to arrive. Almost as though they were waiting for the Lupines to do all the work…or to be wiped out.”

An uneasy smile strained it’s way onto Malphas’ face, and his voice smoothed over into a tone of warm camaraderie, “now, now, how long have we been working together? How could you possibly entertain such notions?”

For a long while the only sound in the room came from the television, thin screams of horror intermingled with a visceral ripping and the smashing of glass. Then Malphas spoke again, elegantly waving a hand in dismissal of the previous topic, “there is no point in dwelling on past difficulties. Shall we proceed with the alternate plan?”

The Lupine woman’s attention was on the television, half-lidded eyes flickering oddly in the reflected light. “I suppose so. The humans are easily confused and manipulated. I’m sure they can be made to see the benefits of removing the Merovingian from power, despite our recent attacks.”

“Well then, I’ll go make nice with the humans while you clean this place up.” Malphas rose from the partially shredded armchair and arrogantly strode out of the room. Ookami’s venomous glare followed him out the door.

With a low growl rumbling in her throat, Ookami got to her feet and stalked to the corner of the room, grabbing the home’s former owner by one ankle. A smear of blood spread across the bland gray carpet as she dragged the lifeless body into the hall, heading for the basement stairs.

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