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News: Morpheus is Dead

Peace, and the things people do to wreck it.

Neo is dead. A truce exists between the people of Zion and the Machines. Morpheus should be happy, but he is not. His life's mission was to find The One. He succeeded, but now his life is without purpose -- or is it? Earlier in The Matrix Online, Morpheus told the Oracle that Neo's physical remains belonged in Zion - in a holy place. He proclaimed that the Machines must return Neo's remains to humanity, and swore that until that happened, he would not rest.

The Hunt for Morpheus event in The Matrix Online began with the disgruntled Morpheus resorting to drastic measures to coerce the Machines into giving up Neo's remains. Empowered with a new mission, Morpheus set off bombs around The Matrix MegaCity. These code bombs threatened the fabric of the Matrix, releasing a virus that would show humans' "reality" and potentially crash the whole system.

Predictably, there quickly followed a ferocious effort to stop him. The Assassin appeared in the Matrix, sent by... someone... to kill Morpheus. The Assassin finally caught up with Morpheus in a waste water treatment plant - which is significant.

Morpheus had finished planting his latest code bomb when he sensed an unusual presence. A buzzing fly betrayed the porcelain-masked Assassin, who took his first shots at Morpheus. Morpheus dodged by jumping over a walkway rail and escaping down a dark alley. As Morpheus fled, the Assassin fantastically flowed through a small vent directly in front of Morpheus. Somehow, the Assassin could bend the rules of the Matrix.

Morpheus was caught off guard and had nowhere to flee. The Assassin opened fire, catching Morpheus in a hail of bullets that even he could not dodge.

It seems impossible to believe - Morpheus is dead.

Posted by Live Events Team

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