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News: Event: Mega City Health Alert!


This is an official

Distributed via Mega City Health Alert Network
Saturday, April 23rd, 1999: 10:00a Mega City Standard Time

Health Alert: Anemia and Rabies Outbreak!

Mega City health officials are being flooded with reports of patients being stricken with the sudden onset of anemia-like symptoms. The symptoms include unusual dietary cravings, pallid clammy skin and violent mood swings.

The local humane society has also reported a rash of aggressive animal behavior resulting from what they believe to be a new and extremely dangerous form of rabies. The symptoms include loss of spinal integrity, foaming at the mouth, and ruptured blood vessels in the eyes. If you notice any strange animal behavior immediately call your local Police or Animal Control for assistance. Under no circumstances should you approach a suspect animal. Animal Control also advises that pet owners keep their dogs and cats inside until more is known about this disease.

It is still uncertain if there is any connection between these two epidemics; however, until more is known, citizens are asked to immediately report any strange behavior to the authorities.

Officials warn against panic, and encourage all responsible citizens to follow the explicit direction of authorities.

##This Message was distributed to Local Mega City Health Officers, MCHAN Public Information Officers, Neighborhood Public Health Associations, Lab Directors, and Clinician organizations##



Posted by MXO Live Events Team

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