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News: Event: Nightfall Synopsis

Nightfall Synopsis


Darkness begins to fall on the Mega City, as the wolfish Lupines and vampiric Blood-drinkers begin a vicious attack on citizens and redpills alike. Brave members of every Organization fight off the first wave, which consists of the strongest members of the two Exile races. The streets in Achan and Sobra Shores are especially dangerous, as bodies begin to pile up in dark alleyways there. Where had these Exiles come from? Why were they there? No one seems to know.


As the three Organizations, Zion, Machines, and Merovingian, discover that the leaders of the two races have gone missing, they quickly deny any involvement in the kidnappings. The names of the leaders , are revealed to be Ookami and Malphas. Many Lupines and Blood-drinkers have realized that if Ookami and Malphas have been kidnapped, then none of them are safe. Taking to the streets again, the sub-leaders Tehort, Beherit, Arzafel, Zagam and Steeltalon lead attacks against the humans with literally thousands of other Lupines and Blood-drinkers. Their battle-cry is clear: “We don’t know who took our leaders, but we will continue to destroy everyone in sight until they are returned.”

Humans, both Awakened and bluepill, respond with fear and anger as the death toll on both sides continues to rise. Laboratory workers are found killed as attacks from the Lupines and Blood-drinkers begin crossing all boundaries. They are seen in churches, hospitals, schools…

Meanwhile, in Manssen Park, another sub-leader by the name of Invalesco has a different idea. Realizing that the loss of his leaders has created a vacuum of power, he sets about recruiting humans for his own plan: a takeover of the Matrix itself! He asks each human to bring four gifts and a willing recruit. Are they to be sacrifices or new members of a vampiric Organization?


As hundreds wait for the return of Invalesco and his promises of immortality as a vampire, Malphas and Ookami reveal that they had not been kidnapped after all, but in hiding from their master, The Merovingian. For the Lupines and Blood-drinkers, their rampage turns into a revolution against The Merovingian and all who support him. Emissaries are sent out from Malphas himself, to speak with the redpills and forge an alliance against the Merovingian. In some places, the emissaries are enthusiastically received… in others, they are rudely rebuffed by the humans.

Invalesco finally appears after a day of silence. Angry followers and those that still believe watch in wonder as he begins a ritual to transform a human into Blood-drinker code… a transformation from flesh to Exile. As the ritual fails, Invalesco turns to see his brother, Feronus, using his own skill to end the programming ritual and prevent the human’s transformation. Feronus, who had ensured Invalesco’s imprisonment in the Blackwood generations ago, received the full fury of Invalesco’s rage. Feronus loses the battle, blown away in a cloud of green coded ash. A chase ensues, as humans and Exiles work together and against one another to corner Invalesco as he flees the area. After finally cornering the rogue Blood-drinker in the International District, some humans watch as he escapes to the Archives. A stake in his heart, Invalesco is severely weakened.


Invalesco, severely damaged and unable to communicate with his followers, listens with horror as Malphas and Ookami perform a house-cleaning of their own. The leaders send redpills on a hunt through the city, eventually turning up clues from five Exiles, Programs, and humans as to the rogue Blood-drinker’s location. When the redpills unravel the clues, Invalesco is finally cornered in his hidden fortress. Battle rages for some time, but inevitably the hubris of Invalesco and his followers is rewarded with another stake through the heart. Invalesco dies a final death.

Meanwhile, The Merovingian uses Invalesco’s convenient distraction to consolidate his hold on the Lupines and Blood-drinkers, bringing them to heel. The culmination of this is his re-capture of Malphas and Ookami themselves.


Celebrations are declared by all three Organizations. As Lupine and Blood-drinker activities lessen, the unnatural skies and long nights return to normal. The Merovingian, in a show of strength, executes Azrafel, Tehort, and Zagam publicly to quell any further thoughts of rebellion.

The sun rises again on Mega City. Five days of Blood-drinker and Lupine mayhem has ended with the balance being restored.

In a dungeon deep in the Merovingian’s mountain Chateau, Malphas and Ookami kneel before their master once again. Their bodies and minds scarred by torture at the Frenchman’s hands, it is obvious that this posture is coerced. They have become followers not out of love, but out of fear. Yet, Ookami and Malphas will be seen again, but for the moment their strength is aligned with the Frenchman.

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