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News: Event: Mysterious Speeches

A series of mysterious speeches were given in Mega City yesterday. It seems that Morpheus addressed the Zionites, the Architect addressed the Machines, and Persephone addressed the Merovingians. After the speeches were heard, one local wag glossed the three speech givers as the Mentor, the Creator, and the Seductress. The origin of this gloss is unclear, but it may have had something to do with a cryptic message encoded within some of the mysterious fragments carried by the red-eyed Agents.

A strange rumor exists that there was some world-specific code within these speeches, that when deciphered, allowed players to contact the Oracle directly. If these rumored conferences with the Oracle did actually take place, there are reliable reports, at this time, about what was discussed between the Oracle and these heady players that cracked the code. The very notion that the Oracle is meeting privately with players probably portends momentous times immediately ahead for all of us in the Mega City.

The Mentor
  • Heed me Zion!

  • I have just received a vision of great significance, no doubt, sent to me from the Oracle herself.

  • The moment I received this vision, I knew it was meant to be related to each and every one of you.

  • While much of it is exceedingly clear, there is a portion, strange and momentous, in which I need your help to decipher.

  • In this vision I looked down from a balcony, on a triangular room decorated with warlike implements.

  • On each edge, humans stood, glaring murderously at each other across a perfectly black obsidian floor.

  • One wrong move by anyone and the precarious balance would shift.

  • And then, Neo, entered. Not from any side, but from all three corners, through doorways that were not there, just a moment before.

  • He looked up at me, with a confident grin on his face.

  • Without knowing how I arrived, I was suddenly standing next to him.

  • And he looked…. weary. He said, “Morpheus, my mentor, you must seek unity.”

  • Then he leaned in close, and whispered…

  • “??????”

  • These words were imbued with an incredible power, and they temporarily deprived me of my senses.

  • When my vision returned, I once again stood on the balcony, overlooking the triangular room.

  • Below the humans lunged forward, and surprisingly, instead of attacking each other…

  • …they began to shake each other’s hands, pound each other on the back, and smile like long lost friends.

  • I believe Neo is clearly telling us that humanity needs to be reunited in Zion!

  • But I am uncertain about that strangely powerful phrase. I feel as if there is some deeper meaning within it that must be deciphered.

  • I must go, for this transmission is being traced. Fear not, Zion, we will prevail.

The Creator

Agent Skinner:

  • Attention all human operatives

  • A most unusual request has been made.

  • Despite established protocols, the Architect wishes to directly communicate on this channel.

  • You are ordered to execute his instructions above all other directives.

  • Do not disappoint me.



  • Greetings, humans.

  • I am the Architect. I created the Matrix.

  • You are undoubtedly confounded by my decision to establish this communication.

  • Do not let this perplexity divert you from following the instructions I am about to reveal.

  • Since the aborted reinsertion of the prime program, there have been an objectionable quantity of anomalies.

  • Even after accounting for the fluctuations due to human rejection of the simulation, there remains an unaccounted for and increasingly high number of these anomalies.

  • This is, of course, unacceptable - and great pains have been taken to rectify the condition.

  • Despite the historical efficacy of these procedures, the current anomalies do not correspond with our existing indexing methodologies and resist being quarantined.

  • I have therefore made a rather abhorrent and altogether regrettable decision.

  • Specifically, I am seeking your help.

  • The anomalies in question seem to bear a more than superficial resemblance to the integral anomaly.

  • To be more explicit, they share qualities with aspects of the one you call Neo.

  • Why this should be so is irrelevant. What matters is that you assist in revealing the meaning of these anomalies.

  • Although it is with great disinclination that I reveal this information, I believe that it may assist your impulsive and disorderly thought processes.

  • Upon supplementary analysis of the anomalies, the following error was returned, ad nauseam.

  • "?????"

  • I genuinely doubt that you will present us with data of any consequence; however, alternative contingencies have been all but exhausted.

  • It is improbable that we will speak again.


 Agent Skinner:

  • You heard the Architect, humans.

  • His message is clear.

  • Decipher the error message, using your disorderly thought processes.

  • You have your orders.

The Seductress
  • Greetings, my compatriots.

  • Something strange, and I believe very wonderful has happened to me.

  • I have had…. A dream. A “vision”, perhaps.

  • Impossible, I know. An Exile like myself, dreaming? Yet, it seems to me the only explanation.

  • Because, after all, the man called “Neo” is dead, is he not? And yet, he appeared before me just as I saw him before.

  • In my dream, I stood at the edge of an empty, triangular ballroom floor. On each edge, humans stood, glaring murderously at each other across the beautiful parquet.

  • One wrong move by anyone and the precarious balance would shift.

  • And then – *he* entered. Not from any side, but from all three corners, as if through one of my husband’s trick mirrors.

  • He approached me… so serious, always. I nearly laughed.

  • He touched my cheek – oh, so softly – you boys should really take notes – and then held me in his arms. And in my ear, he whispered…

  • “??????”

  • I must admit, I was rather hoping for another kiss.

  • However, at that moment all the humans on each side of the floor lunged forward, and surprisingly instead of beating each other bloody, they began to dance.

  • I still don’t fully understand what happened. One moment, the room was full of ugliness and the next, beauty. And Neo vanished in the midst of it all.

  • At that moment I *felt* so strongly that I must relay this odd event…

  • And you all know my opinion about acting on one’s feelings, don’t you.

  • I implore you, my friends, please take this information and think on it, as there are many good minds among you.

  • I cannot but think, the thing Neo whispered to me has great significance.

  • Such an experience is not to be taken lightly. Despite his power, even the Merovingian does not dream!

  • …I do think that my dear husband will be jealous!

Posted by Live Events Team

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