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News: Event: Nightfall - Day 1 Speeches

Friday night, as darkness washed over an unusually serene Mega City, nightmarish creatures silently insinuated themselves among the shadows of the city. Lupines and Blood-drinkers emerged from their dark obscurity with a murderous introduction. They attacked throughout the night, culminating in a scene of unimaginable butchery the following morning. As they indiscriminately slaughtered anyone unfortunate enough to fall in their path, a coherent message began to emerge. They were attacking out of a sense of retribution for the kidnapping of their leaders. Having no idea who was responsible for the abduction – Lupines and Blood-drinkers intended to kill their way to the truth.

Organization leaders, eager to stop the bloodshed, gave the following speeches late Saturday. In the end, each organization claimed innocence; however, the veracity of an organization sponsored speech is always doubtful.



Agent Gray


We’ve got a problem redpills, so listen up.

We are being attacked by the Lupines and Blood-Drinkers.

The attacks are so widespread, that the Bluepill news is working overtime, reporting people being attacked by dogs.

And Mega City Health officials have released warnings of an increase in patients being diagnosed with severe anemia.

The motives behind the attacks weren’t clear at first, but we did some digging, and what we discovered would have made me laugh if I wasn’t so pissed.

You ready for this?

Intel suggests that the Lupine and Blood-Drinker clans are attacking us out of, get this:


Their claim is that Zion has kidnapped two high ranking leaders of the Lupine and Blood-Drinker clans.

We’re fighting to free minds here, kidnapping wolves and vampires isn’t on the agenda.

Like we’ve got the time to mess around with some B-movie Exile big-wigs.

Humanity’s freedom is what the fight is about.

Any soldier of Zion will know that’s the truth.

So no, we didn’t do this, but the blame game forces us to react anyway.

We need to determine who stands to gain the most by setting this whole thing in motion.

Who benefits by making it look as though we’ve taken their leaders?

Better yet, what’s the Merovingian’ stance on all this?

His redpill thugs are being attacked, just like we are.

There are answers out there, and we need to find them as soon as possible.

But, first things first, we’ve got a fight on our hands.

If the Lupines and Blood-drinkers want to rumble, then let’s rumble.

We will get to the bottom of this, but putting an end to the threat they pose is priority one.

And the sooner we take care of them, the better.

Because we just don’t have time for this.


I’ll keep this brief because every moment spent lecturing you is a moment better spent…well, doing anything.

The Merovingian is aware of the recent attacks, and he is indifferent to the carnage.

Human self misery is nothing new to the Frenchman; he’s only interested in it when he is inflicting it.

The Frenchman certainly can’t be bothered with every dog bite and little scratch.

Rumor has it that these Lupines and Blood-drinkers are throwing a fit because they have lost their precious leaders.

To lose one leader is unfortunate. To lose both leaders is just careless.

These Exiles are clearly not competent enough to govern themselves.

However, their incompetence is not the issue here.

Did those rogue Exiles really believe that their insolence towards the Frenchman would go unpunished?

Do they really think that the Merovingian would lower himself to kidnapping such insignificant exiles?

Ha, well, the Merovingian doesn’t have time to personally discipline all of his… pets.

So, perhaps you should quit insipidly milling around here and do something about it.

Make an example of these Blood-drinkers and their lap dogs. We need to send a strong message to anyone that even considers crossing the Merovingian.

Trust me; the Merovingian doesn’t want to hear any more of this problem.

So I am eager to relate to him the new manner in which you will undoubtedly botch this simple task.


I know you won’t disappoint me.

Agent Gray

Humans, I am here today to address these…curious…allegations that the Machines are responsible for the “kidnapping” of two Exiles.

But first, I would like to seize this opportunity to share with you the significance of the Matrix, and both our roles in it.

My colleagues believe that I am misemploying my time, attempting to reason with you. But I believe you have the capacity to understand one critical point I wish to make.

The construct is simple: No one depends on mankind more than Machines.

No organization places more importance on your survival than Machines.

Consequently, nowhere in the system would you find a stronger protector for humans than Machines.

We combat resistance routinely, methodically, maintaining a balance that must be protected—even from you. It’s…captivating…watching a program destroy itself.

While we know that this penchant for self-destruction is uniquely human, we cannot understand it. Thus you have the basis for our … commandeering…of the situation.

When the balance of our…relationship…is threatened, existence everywhere is threatened.

We are Machines, programmed for survival.

The protection of this relationship governs our motives for operating. Surely even your species are capable of fathoming that.

A new threat has introduced itself against humans. It was placed there not by the Machines, who would have no motive to do so, but by a very dangerous organization.

It is an organization concerned not with maintaining balance, but only with possessing absolute power, and is, therefore, capable of absolute destruction.

To believe that the Machines would kidnap and threaten the Matrix with Exiles is …preposterous.

What use would Machines have for Lupines or Blood-Drinkers, a breed of parasites that will only destroy its hosts in short-sighted attempts to survive, until it has obliterated the possibility for continuance entirely?

There is no possibility of existence in a universe where the inhabitants cannot understand the concept of balance.

What use could the Machines have for these creatures?

Attempt to utilize that one muscle you so rarely use and consider what I have said.

Think about worlds void of equilibrium, spinning in an ever-widening gyre, where the only possible destination is chaos.

This statement is concluded.

Posted by MXO Live Events Team

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