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News: Event: The Hunt For Morpheus Breaking News!

May 29th 10:00PM*: Enormous Fly Creatures Defeated!

Something new was seen over the course of the day, and redpills plunged into the battle of their lives in hopes that somehow its defeat would save the Matrix. Enormous creatures of flies appeared near the city’s monuments, perhaps spawned of the incredible decay those icons were experiencing. They were fully four times as large as any redpill, slow but devastating when they did attack. The creatures were flanked by massive hordes of the Corrupted, which appeared to be spun off as some sort of unwanted, extremely hostile byproduct. Reports from the scene said these smaller Corrupted fought like banshees but redpills who were able to kill them found a strange substance on their bodies – a substance that proved to be harmful to the parent creature.

With the cooperation of many redpills, the large creatures were brought down, and the threat to the Matrix was slowly averted. Mistrust still rules Organizational interactions, but as usual, disaster could only be averted when all groups worked together.

In other news, congratulations to the Machines on the addition of their new Machine liaison, Agent Pace, who worked tirelessly with redpill operatives to destroy giant Corrupted this afternoon. In an earlier statement Agent Gray expressed the Machines hope that this would herald a “new era” in Machine-human relations.

May 29th 6AM: A City Embroiled in Turmoil

Chaos reigns supreme on the streets of Mega City – and what better time for the Machines to throw their own sort of party? Agent Gray sent out invitations to Machinist operatives to attend a form of “corporate meeting” in which, it is rumored, the Machines will introduce their intended replacement for Agent Skinner. Speculation is that the replacement for Agent Skinner was designed from the specific requests of redpill operatives loyal to the Machines. Informants did not give locations, but it is assumed that the Machines will contact their loyal redpills with further information as it becomes available.

The battle with the Corrupted rages on, and even the inter-Organizational squabbling seems to have dimmed in comparison. It has become obvious to all that if a solution is not found to the Corrupted threat, Organization affiliation will be the last thing any sentient being needs to worry about. The Mega City decays further by the second. What can be done to stop this horrific destabilization? Stay tuned for further updates.

May 28th 7:00PM: Funerals and Flies

A funeral service was held for Captain Morpheus of Zion this afternoon. Strange and frightening visions were seen at the funeral, and rumors abound that Morpheus’ body was somehow affected by the corruption seen everywhere now in the Matrix. According to viewers at the scene, the body dissolved into a cloud of flies, leaving nothing on his funeral bier. The facts that redpills have uncovered throughout the day regarding the Corrupted, however, make this merely an interesting side-note.

The Corrupted, creatures that appear to be clouds of flies coalesced into humanoid form, have been found to carry bits of information that closely tie them with the Assassin. Clues gathered so far imply that the Assassin “created” them and is intending to use them to destroy the Matrix, but do not explain who might have set the creature on this path. However, the Corrupted appear to be the root cause of the strange decay seen throughout Mega City, Killing or being killed by them exacerbates the problem – and they are everywhere. Organizations are working around the clock to find a solution, but are hindered at every turn with their continued assaults on each other.

May 27th 12:30PM: Unrest Prevails in Mega City

Unrest prevails in Mega City this morning. Machine followers are attributing the disturbingly faded appearance of Mega City monuments to the aftermath of the death of Agent Skinner. Still others blame the Masked Men, who have mysteriously disappeared from the streets this morning.

Whatever the cause, the Matrix is definitely a dangerous place to be today, as neutral sources report that Organizations have discovered clues as to who might have hired the Assassin to kill Morpheus, and are taking actions they feel appropriate. Also, the “cloud of flies” creatures that attacked Machinist operatives yesterday have been seen patrolling some neighborhoods, waylaying redpills. All redpills are advised to use caution when going about their daily tasks and, if they do encounter these creatures, to search them for any clues as to their identity and purpose.

May 26th 7:30PM: Death of Agent Skinner

This afternoon the Matrix itself trembled as the Masked Assassin sent a prominent Agent of the Machines to a permanent, code-destroying death. Agent Skinner, a respected and impassive force in Mega City’s Machine-Human relations department, tracked down the Assassin this afternoon and cornered him with the assistance of several Machine factions. Reports from the scene described “clouds of flies” that fought against redpills, and the last, terrible shockwave that wrenched the Matrix System as the Assassin shot and killed Agent Skinner in a one-on-one battle. Clearly the Assassin is more than a redpill gun-for-hire, but it remains to be seen exactly how much more.

May 26th 6:00AM: Morpheus Is Dead

Redpills jacked into the Matrix this morning to a horrific vision: the brutal murder of Morpheus by a black-clad, masked assassin. Organizations gave varied reactions to the news, but no one has yet come forward to claim responsibility for the act. Fingers have been pointed at the Masked Men, who certainly displayed murderous intent towards the Zion renegade in previous days. Redpills with more information are asked to bring it to the attention of their Organizations and faction leaders.

May 25th 8:00PM: Masked Men Attack Morpheus

As Morpheus continues unrelenting in his activities, redpills now face battle on a new front – the Masked Men. These gangs of Awakened humans have been seen carrying information stating their hatred for the Awakened state and anger at being “forced to take the Red Pill”. They appear to be targeting Morpheus as the most visible purveyor of the Red Pill, although they will attack other redpills indiscriminately. Organizations have not yet issued specific orders regarding this splinter group, but redpills should tread carefully in the areas the Masked Men have claimed as their own.

May 25th 8:00AM: Masked Men?

Morpheus sightings have gradually lessened over the night, although the code bombs are still appearing frequently. This morning, Morpheus could most often be seen in areas infested by the masked men, although the extent of his involvement with them is unconfirmed. The relationship is likely hostile, as the masked men previously have been seen defusing Morpheus’ bombs. Organizations have again issued decrials of Morpheus’ behavior, and also orders that redpills should investigate the masked men and uncover information about their motives and intentions. Stay tuned for further updates.

May 24th 6:00PM: Embrace the Bomb

Redpills who encountered Morpheus today were exhorted to “embrace the bomb”, as his single-minded quest to regain the body of Neo continued. Zionite Captain Niobe tracked down Morpheus to confront him with his actions, reputedly planning to inform him that Zion considered him a renegade and would no longer protect him if he continued with his current plan. One report of the encounter mentioned that Morpheus seemed “fanatically devoted to his cause, much to Niobe’s frustration.” The same report mentioned that Morpheus’ former interest left the scene in anger after a heated discussion that led to the aforementioned “Embrace the Bomb” tirade.

In further news, a new player seems to have entered the field over the course of the day. Masked men, with no known affiliation, are also attacking Morpheus and attempting to defuse his bombs. Reports are unclear if these bandits are renegade redpills, or perhaps bluepills that Morpheus recently Awakened. It remains to be seen what this new threat means for Mega City, although currently it merely adds to the confusion as all loyalties are strained and organizations attack each other with impunity. Even within Zion, the Truce frays, as some Zionites steadfastly support Morpheus while others continue to follow the directives of Commander Lock.

May 24th 11:30AM: Bombings Continue

Bombings continue city-wide as capable redpills are kept busy protecting the Matrix from Morpheus’ depredations. In some areas it is apparent that exhaustion has set in among the workers, as fumbled codes accidentally set bombs off and simulacra guards ambush the unwary. Those who have not yet assisted in defusing bombs are encouraged to do so, in order to give fatigued workers a much-needed break.

Morpheus has survived heavy interference for two days now, encountering not only Agent opposition but massive Lupine onslaughts. The organized Lupine attacks throw suspicion on the Merovingian and his involvement, although when questioned directly about the situation Merovingian representatives refused to comment. Organizations continue to discuss methods of containing the elusive Zionite renegade, but so far no acceptable solution has been found.

May 23rd 8:00PM: Lupine Violence

Morpheus was seen this afternoon running from The Merovingian’s dogpack, the vicious and bloodthirsty Lupines. The Lupine forces have treated all encounters today with indiscriminate fury, and rumor has it that Flood himself warned Merovingian operatives to stay well away from Morpheus lest they get caught in the crossfire. Unfortunate Zionite and Machinist operatives did not have the luxury of this warning, however, and frequently felt the sting of the Lupines’ teeth and claws.

Despite this additional pressure, Morpheus seemed more unsettled by the number of redpills seen busily defusing his bombs than by any threat to his life. In several appearances Zion’s prodigal son appeared shocked and hurt that so many freed humans would choose to undermine his efforts. Some sources indicate that Morpheus has been putting himself in greater danger to remonstrate with these redpills, heedless of the Lupine threat.

Unsurprisingly, Morpheus’ actions and words have shaken the political status quo in the Matrix. His latest speeches draw a clear line in the sand, saying “you are either with me, or against me.” Many redpills of all Organizations continue to follow the official directives of their leaders, but some have listened to the Zion renegade – enough to make public affiliations murky and almost meaningless.

May 23rd 11:00AM: Bomb Defusing

After a night of constant Agent activity, the renegade Zionite Morpheus is still currently at large. He is reported to be actively setting his “code bombs” with the help of simulacra guards, who remain behind to ensure that the bombs are not disturbed. However, the number of bombs set indicate that Morpheus may have additional support. It seems improbable that any one man could set as many bombs as he has, while almost simultaneously making speeches throughout Mega City.

All Organizations have requested that their operatives find these bombs and defuse them, if possible. Meanwhile all redpills are still advised to stay away from Morpheus, as he may react poorly to interference in his plans.

May 22nd 12:30PM: Code Bombs

In our latest update on the escalating Morpheus situation, Organizations officially decry Morpheus’ attempts to destabilize the Matrix. Throughout the day, it became clear that Morpheus was using a specialized “code bomb” to accomplish his objective. Reports are unclear as to whether Morpheus himself has been setting the bombs or if he has others working with him. One thing is clear, however; the former hovercraft Captain is openly addressing bluepills and redpills alike inside the Matrix, bombarding them with such portentous phrases as “Open your eyes. The world you see is but an illusion!” He then uses those affected by the bombs as points to prove his assertions.

Successfully detonated bombs create interference with the code that makes up the Matrix, effectively causing parts of the Matrix code to show through and become visible to bluepills. Although there have been no reports of physical damage from any of the bombs, it appears that bluepills are highly traumatized by seeing RSIs in this condition. The Machines have sent Agents out to apprehend Morpheus before he can do any more damage, and redpills are encouraged to stay out of their way.

May 22nd 9:35AM: ALERT!

ALERT: All redpills are warned to be on the lookout for the Zion renegade, Morpheus. Reliable sources have reported that Morpheus is in fact prepared to make good on his threats from yesterday now that the Machines have refused to give up the physical remains of The One. Apparently his plan is to “peel back the illusion of the Matrix”, shocking bluepills into an Awakened state en masse. It remains to be seen how this will be done. Stay tuned for further updates.

May 22nd 9:00AM: Machines React to Morpheus

Organizations made official statements on the Morpheus situation today, after redpills reported several Morpheus speeches that appeared to become more agitated as time passed. The Machines have publicly stated they will not accede to Morpheus’ demands, and warned that attempts to “upset the Matrix” would be dealt with severely. Surprisingly, it appears that Morpheus has no allies in his current situation, not even in Zion, whose leadership has disavowed knowledge and sanction of his activities. It remains to be seen if the Zion “visionary” will follow through with his threats in the face of such adversity.

May 22nd 6:20AM:Morpheus Speaks

Redpills should plan for possible delays in their activities today. The infamous Zionite Morpheus has again begun making his presence known in Mega City, appearing to redpills in a variety of neighborhoods. These appearances seem to consist of fiery speeches demanding the physical body of Neo and threatening the Machines with dire consequences if his demands are not met. It is still unknown as to why Morpheus is willing to risk the Truce over the remains of the one who brokered it. Stay tuned for more official news over the course of the day.


*all times reflect Mega City Standard Time(Pacific Daylight Time)

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