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Live Events: The Crew of the Novalis II

## Broadcast depth
## Incoming Transmission…
## PAX // HvCFT Novalis II
## RELAY Initialized – Request for personnel information

The following is an excerpt from Tyndall’s personal records:

Novalis II, Refitted Pacer Class Hovercraft, designated 227. Novalis II is our first new hovercraft, even if it is one of our old ones…

The war was hard on everyone in Zion, but the Zion Military took perhaps the hardest hit. With almost every single one of their trained redpills killed, and almost all of their hovercrafts destroyed, there was a faction within the Military that wanted to write off the Matrix entirely. Luckily for today’s redpills, an aggressive training program began instead – hoverbarges were built, redpills recruited, and the Matrix continued to be the center of the battle for the future.

It was soon discovered, however, that an older style of hovercraft was needed. These hovercraft were fast, and stealthy, and most important, they allowed a group of redpills to work independently of Zion without eyes looking over their shoulders. With that in mind, the Military set out to survey what was left of their old fleet.

Many hovercrafts, like the Brahma, were destroyed so utterly that nothing usable could be salvaged. Others, like the wreckage of the Novalis, were in fairly good shape. The Novalis’ flight-frame was more or less intact. With replacement parts already present in Zion, it was soon up and running. The only question remained: who would crew this ship?

Concurrent with the lack of hovercrafts, the Zion Military was faced with a shortage of trained redpills. Most were killed at the end of the war, and those who remained were either in training or too inexperienced to take command. It was these first days after Neo’s Truce that Zion faced a crisis of confidence.

Faced with a need to move fast and talk its way out of most of its problems, Zion most needed a person able to handle the pressures of being the first hovercraft captain after the Truce. This new captain needed to be able to talk when talk was needed, but fight hard when the going got tough. With the resurrection of the Novalis, now named by her captain Novalis II, came the promotion of a promising young redpill, Sawayaka

Sawayaka found herself in a unique situation. Both the Machines and Exiles placed unusual emphasis on her appointment. Considered the forerunner of a new era, Sawayaka and her crew became more than the first new hovercraft… they became a symbol of the new Zion emerging from war.

Combining the roles of diplomats, soldiers, and even entertainers, the crew of the Novalis II has emerged from these critical first months ready to help Zion and humanity find their way.

The Novalis II Crew


The Novalis II Personnel Records

  Captain Sawayaka | Captain of the Novalis II

Captain Sawayaka
(Jayna Kiyomizu)
Captain of the Novalis II. Duelist.

“If I was to pick one word for Sawayaka, I would use ‘driven.’” - Neurophyte

Eloquent, Dedicated, Diplomatic. Sawayaka’s handle means “refreshing eloquence.” Diplomacy is her strong suit, which makes her a favorite for missions that require negotiation or delivering orders discreetly. Her style of speech is educated but modern. She is also a capable leader with a good deal of combat experience during the war, and very dedicated to the protection of Zion and of her crew.

Sawayaka is a friend of Niobe, and the two share an intensity that has brought forth results when the chips are down.

Jayna was actually Awakened at the age of fourteen, along with her younger brother Robert, after having experienced a very strange situation within a glitched area of the Matrix. Being young, they were given work to do in Zion while they adjusted to their new home. Once Jayna was deemed old enough, she began work as an operative on the Icarus under her handle, “Sawayaka”. Only a year later, Robert followed her lead and assumed the handle “Gaki” as an operative on the Novalis.

There was an ongoing, friendly rivalry between the siblings, both racing to attain some measure of fame and higher rank within the Zion Military. This race abruptly came to an end with the destruction of both the Icarus and the Novalis. Sawayaka was in Zion at the time, after having sustained serious injuries during a Sentinel attack. The loss of both her crew and her brother was devastating.

Sawayaka threw herself into her work, and as the Truce changed the playing field, made a name for herself as a diplomat. She came up for promotion to Captain about the time the wreck of the Novalis was recovered, and she put in a request for that particular hovercraft. Once the craft was refitted, she christened it the Novalis II in memory of the original crew.

  WanNi | First Mate of the Novalis II

(Wan Ni Mokaraakhom)
First Mate of the Novalis II, Hacker

“WanNi is very fair. He’s hard to work under, but we know he cares for us deep down.” – Neurophyte

Awakened at an early age, WanNi spent more time in Zion than he did in the Matrix. Always interested in programming, WanNi spent most of his spare time with computers. Idolizing soldiers, he joined the Zion Military as soon as he was eligible. WanNi is a soldier to the core, and always follows orders from his Captain. He has risen to second in command of the Novalis II under Captain Sawayaka.

WanNi himself is something of an enigma. The only information Zion has on the man is that which he has provided himself. In discussions with others, he is guarded, but hints dropped in conversation seem to indicate his father was an officer in the military of a South Asian country and personally hunted Morpheus. Apparently, Morpheus and WanNi’s father encountered one another, and WanNi was offered the Red Pill shortly thereafter. It is not known if Morpheus was the one to offer WanNi the pill, or another Zion operative.

WanNi always follows orders, and rarely cracks a smile. Most comfortable in a military setting, he often becomes frustrated by the antics of the crew under him.

.  Neurophyte | Pilot of the Novalis II

(Anne Simpson)
Pilot of the Novalis II, Utility Coder

“Neurophyte wanted me to say something about her. Since she’s writing my bio, I think I’ll just say she’s a pleasure to work with and a friend to everyone.” - Tamarin

Neurophyte is the youngest of the Novalis II crew. Just recently brought out of training, her extremely quick reflexes and fast thinking have convinced Captain Sawayaka to make her the pilot of the Novalis II in the Real, and the “runner” for the diplomatic missions that Zion sends their way.

Anne is the "little sister" of the crew. Every person on the crew spends a little more time making sure she knows the ropes, and most of the crew members are on hand when she jacks out after a tough mission, to congratulate her and welcome her back.

Zion has suspected for a long time that some humans in the Matrix may have been altered from pure human genetic code. Neurophyte’s incredibly fast neuro-kinetic responses (in the top 1% of all humans tested) are inexplicable to Zion’s medical professionals. For this reason, Zion Command has requested that Neurophyte take part in a rigorous series of mental and physical tests whenever she returns to Zion. WanNi and Tamarin have complained that these tests have taken away whole days of Neurophyte’s rest time.

Neurophyte enjoys writing, and telling stories. For this reason, Sawayaka tends to have Neurophyte write any reports to Zion that aren’t critical. The usually direct Tyndall seems to appreciate her reports, making sending routine messages to Zion one less hassle in Sawayaka’s eyes.

  Vashuo | Engineer / Medical Officer on the Novalis II

(Anatoli Ivanov)
Flight-frame Engineer/Medical Officer on the Novalis II, Guardian Patcher

“Vashuo is amazing. He can fix anything, except for the rattling sound in the ventilator over Al3xandra’s cabin on the ship.” - Neurophyte

As a bluepill, Anatoli was always gifted when it came to electronics and computers. However, his family struggled with finances a great deal. He would work odd jobs as a child: paper routes, mowing lawns… he even went so far as to sell lemonade to help with the income. His father was a proud man, too proud to take his son’s hard earned money. The money Anatoli made from his odd jobs was put away into savings as everyone in the family knew that if any of them were to be successful in life, it would be Anatoli. When that time came, the money Anatoli had made would be of great help to him in his endeavors.

That time finally arrived as a recruiter visited Anatoli’s high school and was taken aback at the student’s abilities with computers and mathematics. An interview was setup with a liaison within the Kalt Chemical Engineering Corporation and the money saved up for his odd jobs is what got him there. However, the very same day a terrible fire broke out at Anatoli’s home which left no survivors. The police were confident that it was professional arson. Wounded with grief for the loss of his family, Anatoli thought he would never trust again… never feel friendship or love, again.

When the crew of the Novalis II approached him due to his uncanny knack for manipulating the Matrix as a bluepill – Anatoli made a pact with himself to never leave those he considers family ever again and to protect them at all costs.

  Oniyuzu | Reactor Expert on the Novalis II

(Mikan Thompson)
Reactor Expert on the Novalis II, Martial Artist

“Beautiful, quiet, and brilliant, Oniyuzu intimidates me sometimes. I often wish I could know what she was thinking.” – Neurophyte

A beautiful enigma, Oniyuzu moves through a crowd like a shadow. Her brilliance is matched with her modesty and beauty. Effortlessness is her watchword, as she works to optimize every aspect of her life and work. When fighting, her movements are precise, and powerful. Unlike others, she never seeks to impose her will on the Matrix. She does exactly what she must, and leaves flashy gestures to others in the crew, like Neurophyte, Lelan, Vashuo, Al3xandra, and Odran.

As the reactor expert, Oniyuzu’s job is to make sure the often cobbled-together power supply is running at top efficiency. Power interruptions are a common problem in hovercrafts, causing lengthy reboots of computers and endangering jacked-in crew members. For this reason, captains often choose from their most reliable crew members to take on the role of reactor expert. It came as absolutely no surprise when Sawayaka and WanNi jointly announced Oniyuzu in that role.

  Lelan | Support Engineer on the Novalis II

(Stephen DeGaulle)
Support Engineer on the Novalis II, Karate Master

“I always wanted to meet a movie star, but Lelan was quite a surprise. Lelan is kind of old, kind of corny, but we love him just the same.” – Neurophyte

In his bluepill life, Lelan was an incredibly well-known action/martial arts movie star. He had always sensed that something wasn’t exactly right with the world- success and fame came to him as naturally as breathing, while others struggled to keep their heads above water.

After seeking his answers, Lelan was Awakened by the Novalis II crew. Lelan is in a unique situation with the Novalis II crew in that he is physically their elder, but most of the members of the crew have been Awakened much longer than he.

People, redpill and blue, still come up to him requesting autographs and referencing movies in which he was the star. His handle, “Lelan” was one of his most famous acting roles. Lelan loves the attention, as he is sometimes wistful for the bluepill life he led.

As he said in his last movie, Death of a Warrior: “We go forward, never back. You can’t go back. Ever.”

  Toorima | Communications Expert on the Novalis II

(Tasha Spencer)
Communications Expert on the Novalis II, Master Knife Thrower

“Toorima is crude sometimes, but most of the time she is the best of us – she works hard, stays focused, and gets results.” - Neurophyte

Of all the members of the Novalis II crew, Toorima is perhaps the most secretive.  She keeps her feelings and thoughts close and often only expresses herself through crude humor; strange for one who has been designated to be the communications expert on the ship.  When she isn't offending (and amusing) the rest of the crew with her jokes, she is usually somewhat quiet.  Extremely efficient, she often comes off as cold and unfeeling.  It has become a mission for the rest of the crew to continually probe and prod to get her to reveal a bit more about herself.  She is a bit of a mystery, but one they seem intent on cracking. 

Toorima spends a lot of time sending data packets to Zion. Rumors fly about long conversations with Zion Command. Is it a friend, a relative, a lover?  Whatever she's up to, she isn’t talking. 

  Odran | Life Systems Engineer on the Novalis II

(Oran McAodh)
Life Systems Engineer on the Novalis II, Guardian Patcher

“Odran always surprises me. Just when I think I got this guy figured out, he changes on me. If he’s laughing, I know everything is all right, though.” – Neurophyte

Recruited into the Novalis II crew as soon as it was re-commissioned, Odran was anxious to get back into the action. He finds amusement in the smallest of things, and makes friends everywhere he goes, regardless of affiliation or organization. Like his namesake, he loves life and tries to avoid fights, but when forced, he is an unusually vicious opponent. Rumor has it that someone he cared about was attacked, but he will not speak of it.

As life systems engineer, Odran makes sure that things like the light and heat stay working, not to mention the complicated machinery that creates food and fresh water for the crew. He constantly tries to keep the mood light with jokes and other assorted mischief. In the Matrix, Odran has fallen quite naturally into a role of healer and protector for the group.

  Al3xandra | Navigator of the Novalis II,

(Alex Darrington)
Navigator of the Novalis II, Utility Coder

“People keep saying Alex is like my big sister. I don’t know why they do, but I trust her more than I trust anyone on this crew. She earns that trust from everyone she meets, it seems.” – Neurophyte

Every group of people has the person who isn’t quite the leader, isn’t quite the loner, doesn’t quite belong…

Al3xandra (never ask why she chose a “3” in her name!) wakes up many nights with relentless nightmares. She will only speak to Zion doctors about these nightmares, but the story has circulated that Al3xandra was subjected to “alien abductions” when she was a bluepill teenager. Whether these “aliens” were Exiles or Machines, they left an indelible mark on her personality.

In addition to intensive therapy with Zion doctors, she enjoys her own “therapy” by flirting endlessly with the male crewmembers. WanNi and Odran take these in stride, but Vashuo often dreams up more and more elaborate practical jokes in order to stay on top of her “hit list.” In response, Alex will often step up her efforts with Vashuo, prompting Lelan to often ask “when the wedding will be.”

Sawayaka, like all good leaders, realizes the need for an outlet for pent-up emotions, and subtly encourages her crew’s antics, especially Alex’s. Alex returns the favor by becoming efficient and businesslike at a single word from Sawayaka.

Neurophyte has especially welcomed Alex as a role-model, and follows her words and actions closely. Alex, touched by this trust, does what she can for her, even painting her RSI’s face when Neurophyte did so on impulse.

  Tamarin | Operator on the Novalis II

Operator on the Novalis II

“Yes, he’s named for a monkey. I don’t understand the naming conventions of the natural born, but the name is quite apt in a lot of ways.” - Neurophyte

If there is a person who lights up a room just by walking in, it’s Tamarin, the free-born Operator on the Novalis II. When things look tough, Tamarin knows how to break the tension. When things are going well, he knows how to get everyone to relax.

More than one admiring Zionite has noted that Tamarin would have made a great psychiatrist, or an even greater bartender. He’s always available to listen to complaints, be they Alex’s relationship problems, Odran’s “chef experiments,” WanNi’s discipline frustrations, or Lelan reminiscing about old movies.

Tamarin, who refuses to be photographed, loves his crew more than anything else. He can serve on any ship, deal with any broken equipment, just so long as the friends and comrades of the Novalis II are there with him.

## Broadcast depth
## End Transmission…
## PAX // HvCFT Novalis II

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